Encodya: Dystopian point and click adventure game is now available on Android and iOS

Burn Greedy Corporations to the Ground!

Assemble Entertainment has announced that its dystopian point-and-click adventure game Encodya is now available for Android and iOS devices. Encodya debuted on PC platforms a while ago before seeing a console release on platforms including Nintendo Switch last year. It has now launched on mobile bringing Tina’s journey with her robot guardian to mobile.

Encodya is a visually stunning adventure game tackling the themes of tomorrow

Encodya is set in the year 2062. The story of this game revolves around a nine-year-old orphan Tina who lives with SAM-53, her big clumsy robot guardian in a rooftop makeshift shelter in Neo-Berlin, a dark megalopolis controlled by corporations.

Tina is an urban jungle kid, who has learned to live alone, scavenging from city dumpsters and eking out a living from scraps. Her funny robot is always with her, programmed to protect her no matter what.

Encodya available
Image via Assemble Entertainment

One day, the little girl discovers that her father left her with an important mission: to finish his plan to save the world from grayness! Tina and SAM embark on an incredible adventure across different realities full of bizarre robotic creatures and grotesque human beings. Through puzzles and exciting dialogues, they’ll find out the true meaning of being alive.

Encodya features a dark cyberpunk world which will be worth exploring for the players

The game’s dark cyberpunk world is the perfect culmination of Studio Ghibli’s beauty and Blade Runner’s atmosphere. The sweetness and creativity of Studio Ghibli, the setting and atmosphere of Blade Runner and the humor and game style of Monkey Island are the ingredients that inspired Encodya, a point-and-click adventure game set in a dystopian future. Here are the key features of this game that players can test out and enjoy while playing the game:

Encodya available
Image via Assemble Entertainment
  • Over 34+ non-player characters bring the world and story of ENCODYA to life.
  • More than 100 locations to discover and explore.
  • Over 4000+ lines of dialogue tell an immersive story.
  • Randomization of some puzzles for a unique experience.
  • Cinematic Cut scenes.
  • Amazing art and sound design.
  • The original soundtrack creates a thrilling atmosphere.
  • Professional dubbing actors lend their voices to the characters.
  • Lots of Easter Eggs and 10 Secrets to find.

Encodya can be downloaded on the Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices. While the console and PC editions cost £24.99 and £31.99 respectively, the mobile versions can be bought for a premium of £8.49 ($11.42). 

Are you excited as Encodya is now available on iOS and Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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