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Farlight 84 fixes sensitivity problem for mobile; Gives free rewards to the players as a gift

Enjoy the new and smoother gameplay!

Farlight 84 is an action-packed multiplayer battle royale title which had gained a massive following since its release last year. However, the developers had been facing constant backlash from the fans due to the recent sensitivity problem arising. However, some players had been experiencing difficulties with the game’s touch sensitivity, which affected their ability to aim and perform precise movements during intense battles. After careful analysis of player feedback and extensive testing, the developers have successfully released a new update for Farlight 84 that significantly fixes the sensitivity problem that the players had earlier encountered.

Farlight 84 gifts free rewards to players as a token of gratitude

With the fix, players of Farlight 84 can now enjoy a more precise and flowing gaming experience, thanks to the successful resolution of sensitivity issues. The upgraded touch controls have been designed to offer seamless and immersive gameplay whether players are engaged in long-range sniping or close combat. The players now have the freedom to showcase their skills without any hindrance.

To express gratitude to the passionate Farlight 84 community for their patience and support, the developers have decided to reward players with complimentary in-game items. As a token of appreciation, players will receive 100 Diamonds and 5000 Gold to all players through in-game mail that can be utilized to personalize their characters and unlock exciting new features.

Since the recent update of Farlight 84, players have flooded social media platforms with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Many have expressed their satisfaction with the resolved sensitivity problem, highlighting the significant improvements in touch controls on mobile devices. The improved sensitivity has also led to a more immersive experience, with players praising the game’s responsiveness in intense battles.

Farlight 84, Farlight 84 Sensitivity Problem fix
Image via FARLIGHT

In addition to the sensitivity fix, players are also very excited about the free rewards given as a gift by the developers. Overall, the player feedback after the Farlight 84 update showcases a highly satisfied and appreciative community.

What are your thoughts on Farlight 84 for the fixes applied to the sensitivity problem for mobile? Do let us know in the comments below!

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