Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series: The first three games have now launched on Android and iOS

New games from Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered are out!

Final Fantasy fans all over the world can finally rejoice at the news of the announcement that the first three games of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series have been launched on the App Store and Google Play. The three games are the likes of Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III. The news of Square Enix releasing the Pixel Remaster series of the famous franchise was announced during the E3 2021. The first three titles of this incredibly popular franchise are also available for download on Steam for PC.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series: What to expect

This Final Fantasy series consists of 2D pixel remasters that promise the fans graphics and audio which are completely new and fresh. It is optimized for the respective devices they are released on. While the first two games in this newly remastered series are set to replace the old remakes of Final Fantasy I and II that were out on mobile, fans of the Final Fantasy III (3D remake) need not worry as it will still remain playable.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster launched three
Kazuko Shibuya is back with the character designs

Square Enix is promising the fans an authentic experience with these newly remastered titles by bringing the original artist behind character designs of Final Fantasy games, Kazuko Shibuya to work with the Pixel Remaster series. The original composer of the Final Fantasy series, Nubuo Uematsu was also tasked with overseeing the game’s soundtrack.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series: Will it be good

While some fans may have previously been in doubt as to how enjoyable these newly remastered games would actually be, because of Square Enix’s previous ventures with ported mobile games, the Pixel Remaster series promises enhanced gameplay and upgraded UI. The new games would also cater to fans who prefer auto-battle options.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster launched three
Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster have launched their first three games: Scenes from the first game of the Final Fantasy Remaster series

Additionally, there is a ‘gallery mode’ in the games where players are able to see in-game art and characters. A ‘Monster Book’ is also available in the game that enables players to register different monsters.

Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III: Where to buy

The 3 games are now available to download on both the App Store and Google Play using the links below. It is to be noted that these apps are not free and need to be purchased.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy III

Are you excited about the fact that the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series has launched the first three mobile games? Let us know in the comments below!

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