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Final Fantasy XI Mobile reboot is cancelled over quality concern by Square Enix and Nexon

A disappointing news for RPG lovers

Quite a few years back, gaming giant Square Enix teamed up with popular mobile and online game development company Nexon to produce a mobile reboot of Final Fantasy XI MMORPG. It’s been noticeably quiet for the last several years of supposed development. That’s been said, news broke recently that the Final Fantasy XI Mobile reboot has officially been cancelled by both Square Enix and Nexon, as the project did not meet the expectation from a creativity perspective.

Final Fantasy XI reboot announcement

Square Enix announced in March 2015 that it will develop a smartphone game in collaboration with Nexon that allows you to enjoy the MMORPG “Final Fantasy XI”. The first few images of the game leaked out in 2016. Apart from that, as if there was radio silence about the development progress. No official release date has been announced. However, according to news, it was supposed to be developed by 2016 and slotted for release in Japan and South Korea.

Cancellation of the Final Fantasy XI reboot

Final Fantasy XI was considered an impressive step from Square Enix as it made its appearance in the MMO gaming market with others like Warcraft, Guild Wars, and Everquest. The quality was considered at par or better than other MMORPG mentioned earlier. The development continued for more than five years and the title “Final Fantasy XI R” was also published in November last year. Due to such circumstances and although the path has been challenging, it seemed that it was continuing, but at the end of the last year, the Korean media and the others reported that the development was discontinued.

Final Thoughts

Finally, from the creativity point of view, the two companies agreed that it did not meet the level of expectations and relocated their staffs to other projects. It’s a shame that Final Fantasy XI Reboot is shelved, but there is definitely no lack of MMO Final Fantasy to explore. Gamers may be a little heartbroken after the news but who knows, what other releases are waiting for them from Square Enix as the company is also putting lots of resources for the famous Final Fantasy XIV of its series.

What are your thoughts on Square Enix and Nexon’s decision on getting the Final Fantasy XI Mobile reboot cancelled? Let us know in the comments below.

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