Hill Climb Racing maker Fingersoft implements a six-hour working day with almost the same salary

A push towards a better work-life balance!

The Finnish mobile game studio, Fingersoft is reportedly all but set to offer a six-hour working day policy that will come with 90% of the full salary. The studio is offering the regular 8 hours for 4 days with 100% salary and 6 hours with 90% salary as two options for the employees.

Fingersoft prefers a 6-hour policy over a 4-day working policy

The Finnish game studio prefers to implement a 6-hour policy over a 4-day working policy as it showed more benefits to the senior management in terms of productivity of the employees. Work-life balance has been an age-old topic of discussion in the corporate industries with many people weighing in on the pros and cons of the topic.

Fingersoft six-hour policy, Fingersoft
Image via Fingersoft

In the Gaming sector, there has recently been a discussion of late about a four-day workweek. Many companies were looking forward to making a change and one of them was Fingersoft. The Finnish mobile game studio has been experimenting with a 6-hour policy and a 4-day working policy out of which they preferred a 6-hour policy as the better option of the two.

The new working model has now been adopted permanently in the company. From the beginning of this year, employees can work six-hour days instead of the regular 8 hours per day. These new changes have been part of the social experiments which the studio has been testing out for over one month. According to the studio, a good work-life balance can help not only to increase the productivity of the employees but also helps to reduce their stress levels of the employees.

Fingersoft aims to achieve an employee-friendly environment by the end of 2023

The CEO Kylmäoja, stated, their step of implementing this policy is a step towards creating a more employee-friendly and stress-free environment. According to Kylmäoja,Projects that improve the well-being of our employees have been a central part of our operations throughout our ten-year history. The two-part working time experiment we conducted in 2021–2022 proved that there are ways to significantly improve the well-being of employees while the level of productivity remains the same or even increases,” She further states,

The now introduced permanent well-being benefit gives our employees the means to better balance their work and free time. In terms of productivity, we have noticed that the better our employee’s well-being is, the more valuable his or her work contribution and impact on the atmosphere of our workplace is,”

Kylmäoja, FingerSOFT CEO

“The significant decrease in salary, however, seemed to be too big of a deal breaker for many to start reducing their working hours, and therefore many might have just continued to struggle with their situation. This is why we decided to experiment with a working time model where our employees can work 80% of the time with 90% of the full salary,“ Kylmäoja explained

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