Forces of Freedom shuts down the online play and made it a PVE game

Forces of Freedom, the real-time 5v5 multilayer combat game, shut down on February 12. The reason stated behind this dismal decision happens to be that of lack of further investments. Bravocompany, the publisher, is said to be “running out of money”. The game, apparently, didn’t make much through in-game purchases or ads. To be precise, it made around a mere $200 via in-game purchases and less than $100 through ads against an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars per month by the company. So they decided to shut down the online features and make it available as a PVE game only.

On their official Facebook page they have mentioned,

We have devastating news…

Bravocompany is quickly running out of money, our last investment hope fell through. We will have to shut down the game on Wednesday, February 12th.

Most of the company workforce had to leave already

What’s next for Forces of Freedom?

This for sure comes off as a piece of disappointing news for the fans when it was announced on February 11. It was one of the most popular games when it came out. Drawing more than 20M+ downloads when it was first launched. Considering that, the makers decided to roll out a PVE (offline) version available for both iOS and Android as a paid download. Early access for the same ended on 17th February. Online play is also suspended for the time being.

The company expressed its heartfelt gratitude to the players for sticking around with the game for so long. A ‘final goodbye’ stream event was also held on 14th February. Players cherished the most of its last few moments being LIVE.

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It was a nice game. Much more realistic compare to COD. The “no respawn” feature makes it more serious than COD par se. However, I think the laxity is on the side of the developers for making the game an early access for over a year. In app purchases should have been available since the start of the game and making available more features that could be purchased.

Just imagine if an in-app purchase of items worth $0.99 is available and 1 Million users bought it.


Second to none forever

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