Forge of Empires, the popular strategy title by InnoGames, generates $1 billion in lifetime revenue

Longevity pays off!

InnoGames, a renowned gaming company, announced that its legendary strategy game Forge of Empires has achieved a remarkable milestone, surpassing $1 billion in total revenues. Having been released in March 2012, the game now boasts a massive player base of over 130 million registered users. With global popularity, Forge of Empires stands as a prominent free-to-play title in the strategy and simulation genre.

Christian Reshöft’s insights on Forge of Empires reaching the $1 billion revenue milestone

Christian Reshöft, Chief Product Officer of InnoGames, emphasized that their recipe for success revolves around providing loyal, long-term players with incentives to remain engaged, while simultaneously ensuring the game remains enjoyable and accessible for new players. To strike this delicate balance, they have diligently heeded community feedback and consistently delivered new and beloved content for over a decade, showcasing the strength of InnoGames’ approach.

InnoGames CPO Christian Reshoeft
Image via InnoGames

Furthermore, their commitment extends beyond content, as they prioritize cross-platform play, enabling players to seamlessly switch between browser and iOS or Android devices, thereby accommodating their ever-changing lives and gaming preferences. Mr. Reshöft made these remarks when reflecting on the achievement of a significant revenue milestone for Forge of Empires. Forge of Empires in numbers:  

  • 130+ million registered players currently.   
  • Revenue shares of largest markets (2012-2022): USA (36%), Germany (19%), France (8%), UK (4%).  
  • Share of 2022 revenues from players who had been playing for at least 3 / 5 years: 34% / 18%, respectively.   
  • Average playtime of game content added since launch: approx. 5 years  
  • Average playtime of all currently available content: approx. 6 years 
Forge of Empires Fellowship Event 2022
Image via InnoGames

In Forge of Empires, the players take on the role of guiding a village on a remarkable journey through the various epochs of human civilization, spanning from the Stone Age to the far reaches of the future. By exhibiting adeptness in resource management, meticulous strategizing, and shrewd decision-making in combat situations, the players have the opportunity to extend their dominion and construct a formidable empire.

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