One State RP – Life Simulator Beginners Guide and Tips

Take out your real Business brain and build an Unicorn!

One State RP – Life Simulator is an action-packed simulation game developed by ChillBase. The game helps the players experience a real-life startup experience in this simulation world. You can set up your storyline, and make a grand business as you’ll be starting a new life in LA. As a simulation game, players get to witness some extraordinary features while they explore the open world. Thus go for the detailed One State RP – Life Simulatior Beginners Guide to learn all about the basics. Also, don’t forget to check our redeem codes article and grab all freebies.

Gameplay Overview

One State RP – Life Simulator is an action simulator game where you’ll get a chance to set up a new life in the city of LA. You need to set up a new startup as a primary source of aspects in your life. Initially, the players have to struggle as they’ll be going to receive and deliver all sorts of packages from dealers and customers. Players will also get to buy vehicles like Scooter and Four Wheelers. These will help them in completing their targets on time. 

One State Rp Gameplay I
Image via ChillBase

Just like in real life, you’ll manage your own business in a simulation that’s way good with its graphics. You can make great deals and sign contracts with other business personnel. This will help you grow your startup easily. You’ll also be able to get sponsors and investors for your business if you’re able to connect and make partners. Initially, as an amateur, you’ll have to struggle a bit. But, you need to use your brain to expand your startup.

One State Rp Lobby
Image via ChillBase

You’ll be able to witness pretty decent and easy-to-go gameplay mechanics. Here, players get to see the map at the top right corner of the screen. The Map will help you learn about all the major spots present in the vast city of LA. Players can witness several buttons such as Joystick, Attack, and Jump. You can easily use them for your locomotion and other respective jobs. 

One State Rp Gameplay II
Image via ChillBase

The game offers several features that’ll help you to expand and grow your character. Also, check out all the missions and tasks assigned, as completing them will help you and your character expand their expertise. Understand all the basic features mentioned below, henceforth help yourself in expanding your startup. 

One State RP – Life Simulator Basics


The Business section will let you check all your progress regarding your business. Players will get to know about the profit they’ve made from their business.

One State Rp Business
Image via ChillBase

You’ll also be able to make deals and contracts with other personnel. You can easily check out your contracts as well. You can also be able to upgrade your business under this segment, this’ll help you expand your startup and progress faster. 


Evacuation is the place where you’ll be able to check out all your vehicles. Players can easily choose any vehicle from the ones they own, summon it, and move to their mission spot. For the vehicles, you’ll be getting to witness a lot of Parking Zones over the map. Your vehicles will mostly be summoned at the nearest Parking Zone. you can also upgrade your vehicle from Garages present all over the map.


The Jobs section helps you to go for some small, even bigger secondary works. This will help you at the early stage of your business to collect resources by working part-time jobs. You can then utilize the resources later and upgrade yourself along with your startup.

Events and Tasks

These two sections are quite important for all the beginners. Here, you’ll be assigned some major in-game missions and tasks. Completing them on time will help you acquire resources.

One State RP Tasks
Image via ChillBase

These resources can be used in several aspects and thus you can improve your character, lifestyle, and business. The game brings up unique events daily. Attending these events will gradually help you earn resources in the form of rewards. 


The game provides you with an open-world map. On the map, you’ll be able to learn about the important places over the map. Here are some of the major spots you need to know about while roaming around this open world:

One State Rp Map
Image via ChillBase
  • Business
  • Bus depot
  • Bank
  • Delivery service
  • Lumberjack
  • Quarry
  • State taxi
  • Gas Station

One State RP – LIfe Simulator Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on expanding your Business

As an amateur, you need to focus a lot on expanding your business. Startup is the primary aspect of living for you and your character. Hence, you need to go for all the missions related to it. Not just the missions, make deals and contracts with other personals so that it’ll gradually help you to make a big chain and expand your startup just like in real life.

2. Don’t forget the storyline

The game follows a very extraordinary and struggling storyline which is quite interesting. You need to keep your eyes on that as well. This will help you to make good relations with some of the major characters in the game. Also, by completing the storyline missions, you’ll be able to gather a lumpsome amount of resources. 

3. Go for other Jobs too

Working for extra hours will eventually help you in your early stages. Getting deals and contracts signed with investors is not at all easy at the beginning. Thus you need to work some extra hours and collect resources. These resources can be utilized in upgrading your business that’ll help the investors get attracted to your primary work.

4. Connect with other Players

One State RP – Life Simulator is a server-based game and thus you’ll be able to play along with several other players. Connect with new players and make your troop. This will help you throughout your journey, and making a community in the game will help you enjoy the game more. You can also create a Gang with your friends and help each other in expanding your respective businesses.

5. Keep an eye on your Profits

Running a business and making it Profitable is a real task. Hence, you need to keep checking up on your stats. This will help you to analyze your flaws and boons. Keeping a report of that will help you improve your way of running a business and thus you’ll be able to expand it perfectly. 

Final Thoughts

One State RP – Life Simulator has so many interesting aspects to enjoy so, you can easily kill your time with this simulator. Setting up a business is quite a dream, and you can live that in this extraordinary open world. The features, graphics, and mechanics are so easy to understand that everyone can easily grab them. That’s it then! Don’t forget to fall back to our One State RP Beginners Guide whenever you face any issues!

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