Forge of Empires kicks off 2022 with the annual Forge Bowl

Cal Rogers returns to InnoForgers!

The annual Forge Bowl in the global hit strategy game Forge of Empires is kicking off the new year 2022 in style. Cal Rogers, the famed quarterback, returns to the InnoForgers to help them win. The Forge Bowl takes place from January 18th to February 7th this year.

Complete the questline under the guidance of quarterback Cal Rogers

This year’s questline, which includes 35 rush quests and 21 daily quests, will be led by quarterback Cal Rogers. To get the coveted Touchdown Reward, simply reach the endzone and score a touchdown.

Footballs are required to complete each play once the team is ready to take the field. Footballs may be obtained via completing missions and incidents in one’s city, as well as just logging in on a daily basis.

Forge of Empires Forge bowl 2022
Forge Bowl (Image via InnoGames)

The player’s League rank will rise for every yard the team gains. Higher rankings result in higher awards, and there are additional special incentives dependent on one’s standing at the end of the event. Players, like the previous year, can choose from one of five available coaches, each of whom offers distinct benefits. It is possible to choose the coach that best suits one’s present approach or to use the Ultimate Coach, which combines all of the other coaches’ benefits.

Forge Bowl 2022 will feature a new main reward, event pass, and other items

Without fresh awards, the first event of the new year would be incomplete. The Fiore Village is a new main reward in the Forge Bowl 2022. The Fiore Village Improve kits may be used to upgrade the residential building to level 10 after completing the questline.

Forge Empire Fiore Village
Fiore Village (Image via InnoGames)

This year’s event will also feature a brand-new Event Pass. This is a premium option that may be purchased in order to receive additional rewards for each Grand Prize won throughout the event. The Event Pass grants access to the Bowl Prizes lane, which means that for every 80 yards the team gains on the field, players will get not just a Grand Prize, but also a Bowl Prize.

For those who may have missed it, there are also chances to earn items from previous events, such as the Colossus, Olympic Treasury, Sentinel Outpost, Terracotta Vineyard, and more. Finally, two new themed avatars are now available, allowing users to show off their achievements to their friends and neighbors.

Are you excited about the Forge Bowl 2022 in Forge of Empires? Let us know in the comments below!

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