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Fortnite brings back the Globetrotter Glider with its latest update

One of the rarest items is back in the game!

Fortnite keeps on launching a massive amount of new skins and cosmetic items with each new update. At the time when the game was still relatively new, players could spot other players wearing the same decorative items as themselves as there were not many options to choose from. Still, nowadays it’s almost impossible to spot someone donning the same cosmetic items as oneself as the number of items has become so huge. Now Epic Games has brought back one of the rarest items, the Globetrotter Glider in Fortnite after four long years and players are very surprised.

The plethora of crossovers make it difficult for old items to come back

As time progressed, the number of cosmetic items released with each new update also increased in Fortnite. More players started playing the game and to cater to everyone’s choice, more diversity was added in the Item Shop. As the game became popular, more and more franchises wanted to be a part of Fortnite, further increasing the release of various cosmetic items.

Fortnite Globetrotter Glider Item Shop
Image via Epic Games

Since so many items were released regularly every week, it becomes very difficult for old fan favorite items to come back to the game as there is simply no space for them in the Item Shop as it is always packed with new releases.

The Globetrotter Glider comes back to Fortnite after 1528 days

Even though the Item Shop is filled with new releases because of the ongoing Jujutsu Kaisen crossover, the developers were still able to bring back one of the rarest cosmetic items to the game. The Globetrotter Glider was last made available on Fortnite on June 5, 2019, and was only made available thrice.

Now the Uncommon Rarity item is back once again in the Item Shop of Fortnite for a limited time and can be purchased using 500 V-Bucks. Players who want to get their hands on this classic glider should act fast as it is not going to stay around for too long and no one can say for sure how many years it will take for the developers to bring it back in Fortnite once again.

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