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Fortnite brings Fortnitemares 2022 in its v22.20: update with quests and rewards

The much-awaited event is finally here!

With the launch of the Fortnite v22.20 update, the much-anticipated Fortnitemares 2022 event is finally here, and loopers should get ready for a tonne of perks and freebies. The stuff that gamers can explore during the same has been officially announced by Epic Games. Players must now complete Quests for exclusive rewards, defeat Cube Monsters in Zero Build Horde Rush, host their own party using unvaulted items, and more. Here is everything you need to know about the event and its prizes.

Grab the howler claws for higher senses during Fortnitemares 2022

Players can choose to use the Ritual Emote by stepping on one of the Reality Tree’s Alteration Altars while taking a break from dancing to DJ Lyka’s music. As altars can be located in other places as well, players need not worry if they are far from the Reality tree.

Loopers will receive the Howler Claws after the ceremony is finished. Wear this otherworldly object to acquire canine powers. Howl to activate the Wolfscent Ability, which lasts for a brief period before going into a cooldown while wearing the Howler Claws.

The tracking vision provided by the wolfscent ability leaves a persistent mark on opponents in a radius around it. The Wolfscent Ability will immediately enter the cooldown if there are no foes in the radius.

fortnite howler claws
Image via Epic Games

Of course, giving loopers the Howler Claws gives them claws. These claws, however, are more than just extremely pointed fingernails. They should use their Slash Ability without holding back and launch a four-combo melee strike. Loopers may also air slash thanks to the claws. They may do a double jump that injures opponents when they land by using the Air Slash Ability.

Fortnitemares 2022 brings back Horde Rush in Fortnite v22.20

Fortnite Mares 2022 brings back Horde Rush. However, the Cube Monsters have a plan up their sleeves this time around called this is Zero Build Horde Rush. Together with their teammates, loopers must defeat hordes of monsters, gather score multipliers, gain combos, endure in various locations, and defeat the Final Boss without the aid of any buildings.

fortnite zero build horde rush
Image via Epic Games

While this is going on, Zero Build Horde Rush can still be found in the Discover screen until well after Fortnitemares concludes on November 15, 2022, when downtime for v22.40 begins. Additionally, Zero Build Horde Rush will continue for a little period after November 1. Once Fortnitemares is over, keep an eye out for Horde Rush Quests you can finish for a unique prize.

Complete Fortnitemares 2022 quests to win amazing rewards

The forthcoming Horde Rush Quests are now known to Loppers, but there are also current general Fortnitemares Quests. In addition to other things, these quests will let loopers use unvaulted items like Candy and the Pumpkin Launcher, visit Fortnite-like locations like Grim Gables, and conduct the Alteration Altar ritual. Fortnitemares quests must be completed to obtain XP and some pleasant surprises.

Over the course of two weeks, two Fortnitemares Quests will be made available every day. Loopers can unlock the Everything’s End Glider after completing five. They will be able to use the Chrome Cage Back Bling after finishing step 13. They will also be able to use the Unmaker Pickaxe after completing 25. The quests can be finished up until November 1 at 2 AM ET, when Fortnitemares comes to an end.

Are you excited about Fortnitemares 2022 in Fortnite v22.20? Let us know in the comments below!

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