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Fortnite introduces The Witcher’s Ciri and Yennefer of Vengerberg skins in the game

Embark on your journey with the Silver and Sorcery Set!

The players can now assume the roles of Ciri and Yennefer of Vengerberg from The Witcher series in the popular game Fortnite, joining the previously added character Geralt. The introduction of Ciri and Yennefer coincides with the upcoming third season of The Witcher on Netflix, set to premiere on Thursday, June 29th.

As part of the Gaming Legends Series, the dynamic duo can be found in the Fortnite Item Shop until Tuesday, July 4th at 8 PM ET. Additionally, Team Unite, in collaboration with Epic Games, has created its own islands for players to complete, offering in-game rewards for those who successfully undertake the challenges.

Ciri and Yennefer of Vengerberg come with themed maps in Fortnite

Developed through a collaboration between Epic Games and Team Unite, Ciri’s Escape Island allows players to embark on a thrilling adventure, evading the treacherous White Frost and exploring various realms. Players will uncover their true potential by sprinting, leaping, conquering obstacles, and pushing their boundaries throughout this expedition. To commence their journey, players can access the Discover screen or utilize the island code 2776-4034-8400.

Fortnite Ciri's Escape
Image via Epic Games

Similarly produced by Epic Games and Team Unite, the Yennefer’s Battleground Island enables players to engage in intense combat, utilizing swords, bows, and magical powers to vanquish their adversaries and safeguard their team’s base. Stepping onto the battlefield, sorceresses can exhibit their formidable prowess and demonstrate the true meaning of their craft to the opposing team. Those eager to partake in the battle can enter the fray via the Discover screen or the island code 2862-9616-5689.

The Ciri’s Escape and Yennefer’s Battleground islands will be live until July 4 at 8 PM ET. Complete these islands to earn the following special items for your Locker!

  • Confident Ciri Emoticon: (Earnable upon completing Ciri’s Escape)
  • Annoyed Yennefer Emoticon: (Earnable upon completing Yennefer’s Battleground)
  • The Tale of Two Tempests Banner: (Earnable upon completing both islands)
fortnite the tale of two tempests map rewards
Image via Epic Games

Grab Ciri and Yennefer of Vengerberg outfit and accessories from the item shop

Ciri, a highly skilled witcher, is always prepared for combat. Her Outfit includes the Zireael Back Bling, which can transform into the Zireael Sword Pickaxe when unsheathed. Whenever Ciri holds the Zireael Sword Pickaxe, her hands emit a vibrant green aura. It is important to note that only the Ciri Outfit displays this reaction to the Pickaxe. Additionally, she can descend gracefully using the Basilisk Glider, riding on the wings of the beast.

fortnite yennefer of vengerberg outfit and items
Image via Epic Games

Yennefer of Vengerberg, known for her mastery of the arcane arts, proves to be a formidable ally. Her Outfit comes with the Bird Skull Back Bling, infused with supernatural energy. For those interested, Yennefer’s Megascope Pickaxe offers a glimpse into the world of a sorceress and is available for purchase in the Shop. Furthermore, with the Black Wings Emote, one can summon Yennefer’s magical raven at will.

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