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Fortnite leaks reveal that the first-person mode is closer than expected

Looks like a mixture of first person and third person cameras!

Fortnite is an action-packed battle royale game from Epic Games which has been popular since its release and has been able to maintain its status by constantly dropping new updates and having several collaborative events with other popular franchises. Players have been waiting quite a while for the first-person mode to drop in the game. Though nothing is confirmed as of yet still, some gameplay footage leaks of Fortnite make it look like the first-person mode might be released faster than expected.

Leaks hint at a mix of third-person cameras with the new first-person mode in Fortnite

In a video released by the popular data miner Aurora, after the release of the new Fortnite v23.30 update, we can catch a glimpse of the new first-person mode in the game. It appears that when the player is walking, it doesn’t show the first-person view of the camera but the back of the player’s head while the camera appears glitchy and wobbly too.

It can also be seen that the leaker is playing wearing the new Dragon Ball Piccolo skin which confirms that the video is new as the skin wasn’t available a day before. The bad quality of the gameplay can be understood because this leaked video must be taken by playing the game with early files which means there might be bugs as it is still not optimized for gameplay yet.

There’s no clue as to if the gameplay will stay similar or change during the official release

It looks like the gameplay is a mixture of third-person and first-person game modes as when the player is not aiming the gun, the camera shows the back of the player as usual and not just the gun. Nobody knows yet if this is the finished product or if this is because the data miners didn’t have complete access and had to record the new future partly using just ADS.

Another popular data miner named Shiina posted on Twitter stating that Epic Games have added a new set of files for first-person mode in the v23.30 update. Though so much new Intel has been provided by the data miners, there’s no confirmed proof as to whether these videos are real and made using additional files as there has been no official announcement from Epic Games yet.

What are your thoughts about the Fortnite first-person mode leaks? Let us know in the comments below!

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