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Fortnite might finally return to iOS devices via NVIDIA GeForce Now

The game might be playable through GeForce Now's Safari extension

It’s been over two months since iOS users were devoid of enjoying one of the most popular battle-royale titles, Fortnite by Epic Games. A lot of users have been waiting for the game to return to the platform or at least a workaround that will allow them to play it. It seems like they won’t have to wait that long as Fortnite might finally return to iOS devices via GeForce Now, NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service.

Why was Fortnite banned by Apple

For those of you who do not know, both Apple and Google charge a 30 per cent cut on all microtransactions taking place on their platform, including transactions within Fortnite. Fortnite developer Epic Games added an option within the game for iOS devices that allowed users to make purchases directly, without paying any cut to Apple.

This led Apple to ban the game from its App Store. Soon after, Epic Games filed a lawsuit on both Apple and Google citing their monopolistic approach with regards to their respective digital stores. Fortnite was soon banned from Play Store too following the lawsuit.

combat shotgun vaulted
Image via Epic Games

How Fortnite can return to iOS

GeForce Now, Nvidia’s very own cloud gaming platform, officially exited beta in February 2020. GeForce Now features an ever-expanding library of games, including Fortnite. While Fortnite is playable again on Android devices via a third party apk file downloaded directly from Epic Games’ website, the same cannot be said incase of iOS devices. However, it seems like Fortnite might be returning to iOS devices after all, via GeForce Now.

According to a BBC report, GeForce Now will possibly be made available for iOS devices soon this year. However, unlike Android where it can be downloaded from Play Store, it would not be available on Apple’s App Store. Instead, it will run within Apple’s very own web browser for iOS, named Safari.

Since Fortnite is included in GeForce Now’s huge library of games, it is possible that you can finally play Fortnite on iOS devices when GeForce Now launches for iOS through Safari. And in this way, Apple wouldn’t get the 30% cut of in-game micro-transactions as the game won’t use the Apple App Store.

Fortnite No-build mode
Image via Epic Games

Final thoughts

Given that Epic Games and Apple are entangled in a lawsuit, it would not be surprising if Apple decides to ban Fortnite even on GeForce Now for iOS. And even if the game is playable, there’s no telling how smooth our experience might be, since playing it via a cloud platform might lead to latency issues resulting in lag. However, the possibility of Fortnite’s return to iOS devices via GeForce Now might actually be true and we probably do not have to wait that long to see whether the reports are legitimate.

Are you excited as Fortnite might return to iOS devices via NVIDIA GeForce Now? Let us know in the comments section below!

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