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Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z: Leaks reveal a possible crossover coming soon in the game

Chances to witness the much beloved Goku skin!

Epic Games have been taking interest in animes after the survey conducted that revealed quite a big amount of loopers were anime fans. Since the crossover of Naruto in Fortnite fans worldwide have been expecting more anime crossovers in the game. Well, the popularity of the Naruto crossover made, made it very evident that epic games have quite a good amount of crossovers of animes in store. Leakers found evidence that hints toward a Dragon Ball Z collaboration in Fortnite. Dragon Ball Z is a very popular anime with a huge number of fans. Leakers have suggested a few details regarding this much-expected crossover.

Dragon Ball Z capsule is found in the recent Fortnite v21.20 update

The whole Dragon Ball Z rumor started after leakers witnessed a new stamina prop to creative of the v21.20 update. This prop peculiarly appeared to be a replica of capsule corp from dragon ball Z, the color scheme and the logo of the prop were similar to the ones seen in anime series. 

Even though there isn’t much to tell at the moment still the known leaks are enough to incite hopes among Dragon Ball Z fans. Goku, being the most beloved character is most expected to be seen on the islands soon. According to leakers, some skins in the files are still encrypted, so there are high chances of us getting to use Goku soon.

The collaboration release date is not yet officially confirmed

Naruto came with Creative and the Nindo challenges, so seem like Dragon Ball Z would also arrive in a similar way. Dragon Ball Z is a really popular anime, so obviously, loopers won’t mind spending some v bucks to get their favorite DBZ skins but free rewards would be like a cherry on top.

Image via Dragon Ball Z

Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and Broly are the most expected skins, however, till now there’s no official announcement made by Epic Games so we can’t be sure if the DBZ crossover will launch in Season 3 or later. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is coming to Canada and the US on August 19, 2022, so maybe Epic Games may have planned this as a surprise for the loopers.

Are you excited about the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!

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