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Free Fire is offering free characters to players in its latest event

Free Fire has come up with possibly one of the best events in the eyes of F2P players which offers free characters in the game. A totally free event as a part of their celebration of the 3rd Anniversary of Free Fire on 23rd August. This event is one of the best events one could ever ask from Free Fire. Considering how much this game is inclined toward the ‘P2W’ system, this surely comes as a shocker, but welcome nonetheless. Free Fire posted the event notification in-game on 8th August 2020. The same has been posted on their Facebook page, as well. Let’s take a look at the details of the event in Free Fire which offers free characters, and which characters you can get.

What’s the new Free Fire event about?

Free Fire free characters event

This new event in Free Fire offers free characters, 26 of them to be exact. The event is based on the ‘share and win‘ format. Free Fire had set certain simple criteria for these characters to get unlocked. All that players had to do was share a Facebook post on their timelines. More they shared, better the rewards! The criteria set is as follows;

  1. 150k shares assure the unlock of 5 characters.
  2. 300k shares assure the unlock of 15 characters.
  3. 400k shares assure the unlock of 26 characters.

The event duration is from 8th August to 11th August. Currently, the post is at 592k+ shares, implying, the task has been successfully completed. Players can now claim any one of the given 26 characters on 23rd August as login reward. A character for free! Hard to believe but it’s what it is. This is surely a one-time thing as Free Fire itself mentioned it as a ‘one-time-only opportunity‘.

Can you get DJ Alok for free in this event?

Well, DJ Alok is not a part of this massive event. Quite reasonable, actually. If Dj Alok were to come out for free then the players who bought him with diamonds earlier would feel outrageous and cheated. Apart from DJ Alok, there are a few more characters that are not a part of this event. The new character Luqueta, Wukong and Clu are a few you’ll find missing from this event.

Free characters you should pick in this event

Now that all the 26 characters offered have been unlocked, it’s going to be quite a tricky situation to having to pick just one character from the bucket full of characters. Till then, there are quite a few characters that stand out from the rest and are also being offered in this event. Some of them are:

1. A124

This character is a legendary one with an active skill. She can quickly convert EP into HP. In terms of just healing, no one can match her calibre. Not even DJ Alok. Hence, she’s possibly the best character to go for if you don’t have her already.

2. Jota

Jota is a parkour expert. He’s a popular character among the hardcore rushers. He’s got a passive skill that quickly restores HP directly for every shotgun/SMG kill. Very useful in clutches.

3. Alvaro

Alvaro is a demolitionist. His passive skill is of a great advantage to fraggers. Throwables and explosives have a significant increase in range and damage.

4. Steffie

She’s a graffiti artist. Her active skill can create a graffiti that takes reduced damage from bullets and explosives. Quite a useful skill in the last few circles.

4. Notora

She’s a tomboy belonging to a motorcycle gang. She’s a healer main. Her passive skill allows the player and his allies to recover HP when inside a vehicle driven by Notora.

5. Kapella

Kapella is a K-Pop artist. Her passive skill is quite a dynamic one. She can amplify the efficacy of healing items and healing skills besides providing a longer knocked down life to her fallen allies.

Well, these are the best characters that you can claim on 23rd August on Free Fire’s 3rd anniversary. The other characters in the list aren’t as precious as these ones and can be bought with gold, too. But these characters came as top-up rewards only. Hence, more valuable to say the least.

Which character will you pick in this event in Free Fire? Let us know in the comment section below!

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