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Free Fire Luqueta Guide: Everything you need to know

In the OB23 advance server of Free Fire, it was found that there would be a new addition to the family of characters in Free Fire. Luqueta is a new character who seems to be an exceptional footballer. His skill is somewhere between Antonio and Wolfrahhs: Hat Trick (Passive). In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Luqueta and guide you through his ability and usefulness in Free Fire.

Luqueta’s abilities

The new footballer or Luqueta comes with the passive ability named ‘Hat Trick’ which helps in increasing the max HP. Please take a look at the table below to know more!

Free Fire Luqueta Guide
Level 1Every kill will increase max HP by 5 HP to 230 HP total
Level 2Every kill will increase max HP by 6 HP to 230 HP total.
Level 3Every kill will increase max HP by 7 HP to 230 HP total
Level 4Every kill will increase max HP by 7 HP to 235 HP total
Level 5Every kill will increase max HP by 8 HP to 235 HP total
Level 6Every kill will increase max HP by 9 HP to 235 HP total

Why should you use Luqueta in Free Fire?

Now at first, you may be thinking “What’s the point? Antonio is the same but is free and does not need kills” but in case you haven’t noticed yet, Antonio is for one-time use in the beginning of the game but Luqueta is a character where once you reach the threshold of kills, your health is able to be at 230 HP for the entire game as long as you heal.

This can be very useful in a situation where there is a 50% chance of winning the fight as you can come out on top because your health is higher. For the average player, however, this character will not be useful as most of you will have better characters or ones which are more suited for you. If you do use Antonio as your main character then switching to Luqueta will almost definitely be good when you have the chance. You can also combine Luqueta with Alok as Hat Trick is a passive ability.

Free Fire Luqueta character Tips and Tricks

If you plan to be a user of Luqueta in Free Fire, read through this guide to help you out! How to master Luqueta is unknown right now, but we can help you get as close as mastery before you buy him.

1. Use HP buffs to take over

Use Luqueta to take over in solo versus duo or squad. Luqueta’s HP buff can be used to take over the enemy team by yourself. If you are planning to fight a squad, kill the first member to increase your HP, then kill the next one or two squad members and repeat further, the extra HP makes it easier to combat multiple enemies.

2. Secure multiple kills before the final zone

Get multiple kills in a match before final zone, this is so that in the last moment where the enemies will spray you, you can take more hits and be safer in general, until you can place a gloo wall.

3. Kapella could be his best friend

Pair him with Kapella. Kapella is a highly underrated character as she can increase the HP buff you gain from medkits, inhalers and healing skills. She can also stall the bleeding damage of knocked teammates and yourself by over 25%. By pairing Kapella with Luqueta you can get over 240 HP and also get a larger health increase per kill, if both characters are at a higher enough level.

4. Know who to rely on for the Skill slot

Jota is also recommended as he will give you up to 40 HP if you kill someone with a shotgun or SMG. Having Jota and Miguel with Luqueta isn’t recommended. Highlighting all the characters that have been listed. You should use a combo of Alok, Kapella and Miguel/Jota with Luqueta so that you have a very good healing combination.

5. Know the secrets of regenerating health

Have some EP (the orange bar of health) so that you can fully max out your HP after every kill. This will make sure that you can rush the enemy without worrying about your health as it will regen whilst you are moving. Nonetheless, having EP should be a commodity even without Luqueta. If you do not like eating mushrooms or cannot find them, you can use Miguel as he will give you EP automatically with every kill.

How to get Luqueta in Free Fire?

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Are you buying Luqueta in Free Fire?

We can assume the price of Luqueta will be 499 diamonds but he may be available in a Top-Up event and then in the Character Royale for the first few weeks, so make sure to have some money handy as we can expect that you will get a free bundle and gun or gloo wall skill from this.

Final thoughts

Luqueta is a great character like Antonio but will instead last for the whole game. For the average player you might not need it but if you use Antonio as your main character then switching to Luqueta at the quickest possible opportunity will be a good idea. Hope you enjoy playing with this character in the OB23 update, good luck!

That’s it for today’s Luqueta guide for Free Fire. Are you excited to play this new character? Let us know in the comment section below!

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