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Free Fire: Garena goes in-depth about Character System in the latest Bermuda Banter episode

Some interesting changes to come

Free Fire’s recent write-up, Bermuda Banter goes in-depth on the state of the character system, where the developers commented on its current flaws and improvements they wish to bring about the forthcoming patches in Free Fire. This sets about a new phase in the game, which is already noticeable if we were to look at the major changes the current patch brought along.

Current Free Fire character system

The current character system in Free Fire requires players to have possession of a ton of fragments and either gold or diamonds. This means levelling up a character, or more specifically, levelling up their skill can take quite some time; unless in possession of an instant character level up card. That said, character skill slots are separate upgrades and also require a ton of funds to unlock, so you’d be grinding for days to make up for these shortcomings. To top that off, it is quite bothersome to manually change these skill for each character. So one might mistakenly bring along a certain lineup unfit for the game mode, only to get dominated by people with superior character skills. This is the state of Free Fire’s character system and why there are major changes necessary.

Upcoming changes in the Free Fire character system

The Bermuda Banter features the developer’s thoughts on these flaws, and so numerous improvements are making their way to the game. There is a lot to expect and a lot yet to cover, but these are the ones to look forward to for now:

Character UI revamp

A new and improved character UI is coming, which features easier viewing and faster switching of character skills. What this likely means is that there won’t be a need anymore to manually tap on an owned individual character to inherit another character’s skill in their slot. Instead, all skills will be selectable as a whole for each character just like the equipment loadout, so long as its character is owned.

Adjustments to the leveling cost

Free Fire character system

Levelling up characters was always a hassle unless certain character level up cards were involved. It is now clear that the developers wish to adjust these cost, making upgrading a character more affordable and thus easier to level up.

Reworked Active skills

It is a fact that some character skills, especially Active class’ are superior to others. It means the lower class ones are discarded and deemed as unnecessary, or as the devs describe it, “dated”. As clarified, this does not mean they will be nerfed to a point in which they lost all purpose but instead reworked to embed a more fair type of character versus character experience. That said, a lot of passive skills have been standing idle in the shadows of another. So we can expect these to also change in the coming patches.

Reworked Awakening skills

If the leaks didn’t indicate it we’ll there you have it. From now on both the normal and awakened skills for Awakened characters will not count as a separate character but as the same. What this means is, upon awakening your character, you won’t have to switch from normal Kelly to Awakened Kelly, but normal Kelly will have both her skill and Awakened Kelly skill combined.

Free Fire character system

It is nice to see such a friendly approach of the devs towards the community. This truly shows how much they care for their player base if they didn’t already. This concludes this Bermuda Banter update notes, but we’ll keep on updating you as soon as another comes out. If curious about if we might’ve missed anything, feel to read it yourself here.

What are your thoughts on the Free Fire character system? Drop your opinions in the comments!

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