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Free Fire OB26 March update: New Characters, Events and more

Know all about the latest update!

Free Fire has an update every 2 months and with every update, there are new items, events, and also new characters. Every player should know about upcoming events or items to judge which is the best event and which event will be worst. Let’s talk about a few of the upcoming events in the Free Fire OB26 update which are soon to come.

Upcoming characters

In OB26, there will be 2 new characters namely, The Superstar and Shirou. These characters will be based on collaboration and Garena self-thinking. Let’s know about both characters in detail.

The Superstar

This character, according to the Advance Server file archive, will be based on upcoming collaboration and will have the following skills:

When a user is hit by an enemy within(X) meters, the sniper can be marked for (X) seconds ( marker is only visible to the user). The first shot at an already marked enemy will cause (X) % of additional armour penetration with a cooldown of (X) seconds.


Shirou is the best and fastest delivery man around and has skills that are similar to his job.

Enemies are invaded by nanobots while being shot. All active skills and usual EP recovery will be stopped for (X) seconds, the cooldown is (Y) seconds. There will be a temporary marker on a shot, the marker can be seen only by Shirou user.

This is all about the upcoming characters in the OB26 update.

Rank Up Guns

When a player usually ranks up, they get rewards. In OB26, after leveling up, players can claim a gun skin named moco charm AK47. And same will be there in CSR. When players rank up, they can claim golden MP5. The golden series of CSR is a long collection starting from deagle to G18 and now MP5.

Upcoming Gun Skins

There will be an Evo MP40 skin in the Free Fire OB26 update which will have the most overpowered skin ever. Even, the top incubator MP40 will be way behind in the race of attributes. There is no official picture of this MP40 skin yet but there are leaks about it. The name of this MP40 skin is Cobra MP40. It will have a 40% increase in the rate of fire and a 20% increase in damage, but a 20% decrease in movement speed.

Free Fire OB26 update

Events to arrive in the OB26 update

There will be many upcoming events based on collaboration, seasons, etc.

Free Fire OB26 update

Angelic events

There are various pieces of evidence of an event named Angelic event. There are no confirmed updates about the details in the event. The items which will be available are angelic beach bundle male & female. Also, the rarest and famous pant item will be available, which is the angelic pant male and female.

Free Fire OB26 update

Summertime event

Garena has always an eye in the weather season and always uses them perfectly to increase their exclusive and rare items which are the best in item designing. The items which are going to be available aren’t revealed yet. But, there will be 4 legendary skins given free to players.

Free Fire OB26 update

New High FPS Setting

After the OB26 update, players can use high FPS in and graphic setting, for smooth graphics and high FPS. As of now, players can use high FPS only in ultra graphic setting.

Upcoming feature: Communication System

Free Fire OB26 update

A new communication feature will be added in the Free Fire OB26 update, which is pre-installed voice text. For example, Follow me, Enemy spotted etc. In detail, Following are the texts which will be pre-installed for use.

  • Follow me!
  • Help me!
  • Turn on the microphone please
  • Go to the safe zone!
  • Stay alert
  • Enemy spotted
  • Stay together!
  • Resources here!
  • Ready-Made ice walls
  • Take care!
  • Go! Go!

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