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Free Fire OB22 update complete changelog

Free Fire is soon going to release another major update, called the Free Fire OB22 update. Free Fire has already released the advanced server as well for testing out the update. The advanced server is where the players can try out the new features of the update before it goes LIVE globally. It is where the players can point out the bugs and give their feedback and opinions regarding future updates.

How to play the Free Fire OB22 advanced server

Here’s the link where you can register for the advanced server. To play in the advanced server, you’ll have to log in with your Facebook account. Once login is successful, the window will display a link to download an apk file. Install the advanced server app and you’re good to go. No need to worry about your main account in Free Fire as this Advanced server app will act as a separate application. Your actions in the Advanced server won’t be reflected in your original account.

All about this new Free Fire OB22 update

So what does this update bring to the table? Here are the new features that the Free Fire OB22 update patch will come with:

1. New Characters – Wolfrahh and Clu

OBB2 update in Free fire , Free fire OBB2 update , New Character Free fire
New Character: Wolfrahh

Here comes Wolfrahh, a male character with stunning looks. His skill is named ‘Spotlight’. The skill reduces the damage dealt by headshots but increases the damage dealt with the arms and legs. This means body shots damage will increase while headshots will deal less damage. This character can possibly a good choice for newbies who find it difficult to perform drag headshots and hence rely on body shots during battles. For experienced players and those who have mastered the art of drag headshots, this character might not prove to be of much help.

Also in a recent tweet, FreeFire Brasil confirmed another character which will be added to the game, CLU.

Tweet from Free Fire Brasil regarding CLU

2. New Sniper Rifle – M82B

OBB2 update in Free fire , Free fire OBB2 update, Free fire new gun
New Sniper Rifle: M82B

Free Fire has been recently adding not just new characters or pets but also new weapons as well. In the previous update, they added the Thompson SMG and this OB22 update brings in a new Sniper Rifle M82B. Although this sniper rifle will compete with the AWM and not the Kar98k in terms of damage dealt, the complete stats of this sniper haven’t been disclosed yet. There are also speculations that this gun will have an in-built 8x scope.

3. New Lobby

OBB2 update in Free fire , Free fire OBB2 update,Freefire new lobby
New Lobby: Spine Punk Theme

A new lobby based on the ‘Spike Punk’ theme is set for arrival with the OB22 update. The lobby will be set on the backdrop of a city in ruins. It will be colorful with buildings all around in a wrecked state. It looks quite interesting and gives off the “chaos and mayhem” vibes.

4. Eye Tool Feature

Up next comes the much-awaited eye tool feature which is also likely to be introduced along with this update. With the help of that tool, players will be able to view in any direction without having to move their body in that particular direction. In other words, this allows for more freedom in movement.

5. New Game mode – Redemption

OBB2 update in Free fire , Free fire OBB2 update, Freefire new mode, new mode in freefire
New Mode: Redemption

The OB22 update will also be bringing a new mode named Redemption, but little to no information is available about that mode as of now.

6. New Pet – Falcon

New Pet: Falcon in OB22 update
New Pet: Falcon

Free Fire Brasil recently confirmed in a tweet about a new pet included in the OB22 update, the Falcon! With his flying skill, the Falcon increases the speed of the glider when jumping and the speed of falling when the parachute opens. You can test him out in the advanced server.

7. New Mode – Soul Reaper

In a recent tweet, Free Fire Brasil confirmed a new mode to be available in the advanced server. This mode has been named as Soul Reaper.

In this mode players’ will have to collect their opponents’ souls. Whoever kills more opponents in less time wins.

When is Free Fire OB22 update arriving?

The final question that arises is that when will the Free Fire OB22 update be coming to the scene. There has been no declaration regarding the date of release of this update but we can expect it to release within the starting week of June. More information will be released as soon as we get it.

Next Weapon Royale

OBB2 update in Free fire , Free fire OBB2 update, Freefire weapon royale, Freefire new guns
The legendary ‘Spikey Spine’ AN94

Not really a part of the OB22 update but it’s worthy to mention here the new Weapon Royale will be featuring the legendary ‘Spikey Spine’ AN94. The gun looks stunning and equally stunning stats-wise! Its stats are as follows:

  • ++rate of fire
  • +range
  • -magazine

As the stats say, this gun can give a tough competition with the ‘lively beast’ XM8 at almost an equal level.

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