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Free Fire: How to restore or unban your banned account?

Free Fire has already achieved a lot of success in a short duration of time. It wants the players to know it’s gonna be here for long. Free Fire is edging its way toward becoming the ‘most popular BR game on Mobile‘ with the recent developments. Weekly eSports tournaments and consistent updates make the game a fan favorite. Just like every other good BR game, to keep the experience real and satisfactory, Free Fire is always in the lookout to purge players that are cheating, hacking and those that manipulate others in-game. But somewhere in this, players may often find their accounts banned in Free Fire without any valid reasons. Technical mishaps can occur and other platform issues can also mess up with your account. Today, we’ll look more into various issues and explain how to restore your banned account in Free Fire.

1. Stay away from third-party Applications

Players that get their accounts banned in Free Fire for using third-party apps that offer a competitive advantage over others are not going to get their accounts back, ever. The developer team has a strict zero-tolerance policy against such behavior. It is reasonable as such hacks ruin the game for everyone and render the community low in the ranks of healthy competition.

2. Lost Facebook password and deactivation

In case you lose or forget your Facebook password, it’s really easy to restore your account. Simply, use the Forgotten account feature on Facebook and follow the on-screen instructions. For deactivated accounts, a login will resolve the issue. However, if you deleted your account, proceed to the next sub-heading.

3. Account loss (Facebook deactivated)

This might relieve a lot of players that, unfortunately, lose Free Fire accounts on grounds of Facebook deactivation. There’s, actually, a way to get your account progress back even if Facebook deactivated your account or you deleted it. Just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Free Fire will need a copy of the email from Facebook informing you that your FB account is deactivated and will not be activated. Unless provided, their customer service will not be able to process your request.
  2. Your Free Fire account information: UID (Player ID), In-Game Name, Region.
  3. Create a new account and ensure you bind it on Facebook. After a successful evaluation, Free Fire will transfer your old account data in the new one. Note: The region must be the same as the old account.

4. Guest Account Loss

Free Fire doesn’t store guest accounts data on its servers. It’s your device that stores the game data of a guest account. Sadly, if you lose your device or game data is deleted, there is no way for Free Fire to recover it. Hence, we would strongly recommend that you bind your account as soon as possible via Google, VK, or Facebook.

5. How to submit a request to Free Fire support

free fire support, free fire account banned
Submitting a request to free fire support

It’s very simple as to how a player may submit a request regarding account loss and/or ban appeals. Just visit here and file your request. Follow the on-screen instructions. It’s important that you fill the form correctly. Especially, Select your problem part. You need to be very clear regarding what you’re about to submit a request.

.We hope that you never face the issue of banned account in Free Fire. If you do, please do take the necessary steps. And if you have any questions regarding this, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below. We’ll be happy to answer if we can.

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Suresh bhai

Please id is ban please remove id


Garena does not take care of old players, if we make a mistake, the account and immediately deleted, Garena complaint website is only answered by the bot. Player losses are not taken into account by Garena. Hopefully Garena continues to successfully ban more players, especially older players. Already many old players are selling their accounts, because old accounts are definitely a lot of reports from envious players, wait a day will definitely be hit by a ban even if not using cheats. Garena only expects new players from loyal players. It is okay for you to ban my account can… Read more »

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