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Free Fire OB25 December Update Patch notes: New Character, Pets and more

A new update is here!

The next major update patch for Free Fire is the Free Fire December OB25 update which is all set to arrive on December 7th, 2020. The registration for the advance server of this update has already begun. The last update, Free Fire OB24 update, brought a lot of new stuff and features to the game. The Free Fire December OB25 update patch will also bring a lot of new features to the game. Today, in this article we will take a look at all the new and exciting stuff that is coming our way within the early days of December.

1. New Character: Snowelle

Snowelle is 25 years old. She is a Lab Researcher and holds profound expertise in Nanotechnology and Robotics Engineering. This new character seems to be someone who is associated with one other already an existing in-game character, A124, the robot.

Free Fire OB25 update

Her backstory is an exciting one and it might be interesting to find out that her potential in nano-tech is actually what lead to A124’s creation. But under certain compromised circumstances she had to somehow help A124 escape the lab.

Unique Character Skill: Nano Nerves

Her skill is a passive one that disables active skills and restricts EP to HP conversion for a certain period of time. This skill gets activated automatically when Snowelle hits an enemy. So, unlike earlier new characters, the current batch of new characters doesn’t seem to be the ones focusing on enhancing the healing aspects of a character.

Even the latest character right now, Dasha, is a non-healer type. This is a good chance as there are enough character skills and pet skills that already work on healing, anyway. The new character, as it turns out, seems to be a deadly one when engaged in battles. It will be rolled out on the 26th of November for players to test it out through the Advanced Server of the OB25 Update.

2. New Weapons

Every new update promises to bring at least one new weapon in the game. Well, the OB25 Update is bringing at least, two, as of now. One of them is certainly a special one as it’s going to be melee weapon, after all!

Kriss Vector

Free Fire OB25 update

Kriss Vector will be back from the OB25. It’s an SMG that possesses extremely high rate of fire, use it in battle to obliterate your enemies! The last SMG that was added in the game was the Thompson. The gun can be used in akimbo, allowing players to dual-wield, as well!

Free Fire OB25 update

This SMG was removed a long time ago but surprisingly it’s finally going to make a comeback! At mid-range, if not used in akimbo, the gun might struggle against the MP5 and Thompson.


Free Fire OB25 update

Yes, that very scythe which we saw Dua and Sori hold in the Vengeance Event is now going to be available in-game soon. The weapon will deal heavy damage upon a successful hit. It’s got a pretty good range too, considering, it’s a melee weapon. Though, it’s suspected mobility while using the scythe will have to be compromised. Nevertheless, players will be excited to try this new weapon out!

Free Fire OB25 update


Free Fire OB25 update

With medium range power and a high rate of fire, the MAG-7 is more agile than most shotguns! This is a pump-action shotgun, implying, you’ll have to to press the fire button repeatedly. Now, having to fire repeatedly might make more players to feel repelled by this weapon, though.

3. New Pet: Brabuino/Beaston

A new pet in the form of a Mandrill is likely to arrive with the OB25 Update Patch. They are the largest monkeys and perhaps the most colorful mammals present on Earth.

Free Fire OB25 update

The pet skill name is ‘Helping Hand‘. It increases the launch distance of all the throwables including grenades, flashbangs, smoke grenades and gloowalls.

4. Teleportation Portals

This is something totally new that’s being explored in the advanced server. These portals basically teleport the players to a fixed position, rather more like giving them an opportunity to flank, escape enemy spray etc.

The portals spawn randomly on the map and can be used for a limited time period only. These portals are of two types:

The Blue Portal

Free Fire OB25 update

These portals teleport the person high into the sky where the player can now use the surfboard again to fly down somewhere close to the place where the orb was originally located. It’s totally like jumping from the plane all over again amidst the ongoing match.

The Yellow and Green Portals

Free Fire OB25 update

These orbs are similar to the blue orbs but different in the sense that these ones teleport the player directly to some other place on the ground. You won’t need to jump from the plane again when you use these portals. Though, there’s a catch to these portals; be wary of the colour of the portal before using! The yellow portal will teleport you only to the another yellow portal and likewise for the green portals.

Free Fire OB25 update

In the mini-map these four portals, two yellow portals and two green ones, will randomly spawn near you and you can only enter and exit through the matching colour portals.


  • A gold P90 will be the new Clash Squad Reward for the next season post the update. Players will have to reach Gold III to claim that skin. The matchmaking quality will also be improved, prioritizing pre-formed squads getting pitted against each other. A new banner and avatar will also get unlocked once you reach a certain tier in CSR. Besides this, the CSR mode will be featuring a new user interface.
  • M82B: This sniper rifle has proven to be really handy against gloo walls and as such, Free Fire has decided to drop its rate of appearance in all three maps. Owing to its extraordinary abilities, this was perhaps the right move.
  • Weapon Attributes Improvement: The performance of the M4A1 and the P90 has been improved in the next update. M4A1 was starting to lose its reliability while the P90, already enhanced once before, still isn’t a great choice against other short-range guns. Hence, certain attributes of both the weapons have been improved. The rate of fire, damage, maximum recoil, range and the recoil while moving have all been optimised for the M4A1. Similarly, the max damage and recoil have been improved for the P90.
  • Advanced Weapons: From the December Update, players won’t find the advanced attachments separately for the few guns that support them. Instead, advanced weapons will replace the arrangements. The motive behind this move is to prevent players from accumulating all attachments and later disposing of them in an odd spot like the river bed etc. This usually puts the other teams at a disadvantage.
  • Training Island Changes: The Social Zone of the training grounds will now include a music arcade system and fireworks for players to have fun with. The ground will also sport a dynamic daylight system, implying, the backdrop will transition to that of night-time periodically. A gloo-wall training mode is also gonna come in the December Update!
  • Electric Board: The Electric Surfboard is only available in classic BR mode as a way to travel and counter-attack. Observing how frequently the object is being used in a certain manner to move about, Free Fire has decided to restrict its movement by putting on a cooldown time period for the activation, speed boost, and jump feature.
  • New UI for the ranked mode and Elite Pass missions. The missions will also be organized in a weekly manner. Thus, making it easier to achieve and claim those badges. Fire Pass players will also benefit from this as the badges will now be easier for them to claim, as well.
  • Preset HUD and Free Eye Button: The December Update is going to make it possible for players to keep two pre-set HUDs. Besides this, another much-needed feature which is the ‘Free Eye Button’ will also get introduced. That feature will let players scout in different directions without actually having to move in that direction!

We hope you find this Free Fire OB25 update article helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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