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Free Fire Platinum Divinity MP5 Faded Wheel event is here with exclusive skins and items

Grab all the exclusive items in the brand new event!

Garena always comes with fresh and exciting events, which mainly helps attract and increase the title’s hype. From the beginning, gamers of Free Fire are mainly attached to the in-game collection which helps in enhancing gameplay. This is due to the fact that some in-game items such as characters and gun skins have incredible skills that enable them to make a stunning comeback in multiple battles. The main Platinum Divinity MP5 skin is the new Evo gun in the game. The Evo guns are the most powerful and dominant guns in Free Fire, and players can acquire the gun in the Platinum Divinity MP5 Faded wheel event with a total of 499 diamonds.

How to claim items in Free Fire Platinum Divinity MP5 Faded Wheel event

The event officially launched in the game on 6th July and will continue till 25th July 2022. As mentioned above, to get all the items present in the wheel players must spend 499 diamonds. To resolve the problems that players might face regarding the Faded Wheel event’s rules and regulations, follow the given steps.

MP5 Faded Wheel event
Image via Garena
  • Prizes already claimed will not be repeated. Each draw will require more diamonds. Current draw cost: 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, 499.
  • Before drawing, the player can remove 2 undesired prizes ( except the grand prize), therefore increasing the win rate of the grand prize.

Platinum Divinity MP5 Faded Wheel event rewards

Below is a list of the items present in the new Faded Wheel event:

  • Platinum Divinity MP5 skin.
  • Cube Streamer Weapon Loot Crate.
  • Cube Fragment.
  • Wing of Divinity.
  • Platinum (Blue) Token Box.
  • Divinity Trophy.
  • Divinity Skyboard skin.
  • Destiny Wing.
  • Imp-Heads Weapon Loot Crate.
Platinum Divinity MP5 Faded Wheel event rewards
Image via Garena

Diamonds costing for each spin:

  • 1st spin –  9 diamonds.
  • 2nd spin – 19 diamonds.
  • 3rd spin – 39 diamonds.
  • 4th spin – 69 diamonds.
  • 5th spin – 99 diamonds.
  • 6th spin – 149 diamonds.
  • 7th spin -199 diamonds.
  • 8th spin – 499 diamonds.

The gun has an epic combination that can easily take down a squad in one go. It has perks of double damage and a single rate of fire with less reloading time. Moreover, the gun also has a unique skill that helps in recovering EP upon inflicting damage to the opponents. So, players must try their luck to obtain the Evo Platinum Divinity MP5 gun skin in the Free Fire Faded wheel event along with some additional rewards before the event ends.

Are you excited about the Free Fire Platinum Divinity MP5 Faded Wheel event? Let us know in the comments below!

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