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Free Fire Season 37 Elite Pass: New Bundles, Weapons, and more

Take a look at the upcoming rewards

Garena Free Fire is a popular Battle Royale game that keeps rolling out fresh new content for the players every few weeks, including different types of Premium or Elite Pass which have exclusive items every season. Every player will be excited to know about these seasonal elite passes and plan to spend their money to purchase these. Elite Pass 37 has many exclusive items from bundles to exclusive emotes. Elite Pass Season 37 will arrive at Free Fire on 1st June 2021. Let’s know about them in detail.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 37 details

Male and Female Bundles

Male Bundle

Bundles are indeed the main item for which user will purchase the elite pass. The male bundle has a colour combination of blue, black and mild red as animation on the eyes. The main theme of this bundle is Cinderella’s villain “the evil witch” but male. This bundle will be unlocked after completing 225 badges.   

Female Bundle

Free Fire Season 37 Elite Pass

Female bundle are mostly used by a female player of FreeFire and they want their exclusive elite pass bundle to be iconic and best. This female bundle have a theme base of the most beautiful Disney princess “The Cinderella”. Leading from her blond hair to classic glass boots. This bundle can be unlocked at 50 badges.

After knowing the best items in the elite pass, let’s move to some items that are used for show off or personal satisfaction. Let’s move to the death box and surfboard.

Death Box, Surfboard and Backpack

Death box

Free Fire Season 37 Elite Pass

A Death box, also known as a loot box in-game, is an item used as a crate after eliminating an enemy player. The main theme of the death box is the music box with a couple rotating in the centre while mild animation of frost moves around them. This item will be unlocked at 200 badges.


The surfboard is an item used for showoff when a player jumps off from a plane. The main theme is Cinderalla glass boots with animation of glass particle on the back. This item will be unlocked at 150 badges.


The skin of backpack changes on basis if in-game inventory. Let’s know about every level of bag. Starting with level 1.

  • Level 1: The level 1 bag has a colour theme of gold and dark blue, with light animation in the centre with rotating shoes. This bag skin will be equipped when a player will achieve 150 inventory space.
  • Level 2:  Level 2 bag skin will have a colour theme of Blue and Gold straps, with animation of rotating glass boots in the centre. This level will be unlocked after achieving 200 inventory space.
  • Level 3: The level 3 Bag is the last level of the bag that has the main animation of levitating and glowing glass boots in the centre with glowing bag straps. This level will be unlocked after achieving 300 inventory space.

Gun Skin

Free Fire Season 37 Elite Pass

MP5:  The exclusive MP5 skin from Season 37 Elite Pass don’t have any attributes but have one of the most admiring and colour full skin. The colour theme will be Blue and Gold. This skin will be obtained at 125 badges.

Final Thoughts

 After knowing every detail of Elite Pass 37, let’s talk if it is worth it. Should the user consider purchasing the Season 37 elite pass? Yes, indeed! The user should purchase it because for the first time free fire is collaborating with a movie and bringing exclusive items via Elite pass. So this elite pass will be worth more than 10,000 In-game currency. Will this elite pass comes in the discount event? Well, the answer is No, because the discount event is planned for May and this elite pass will come in June.

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