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Free Fire unveils Nova Terra, a new map with its latest OB35 Update

Apart from the map there will be new game modes available!

With the OB35 update, Free Fire is all set to launch a new map called Nova Terra in the game which will feature lots of new locations to explore. The new map, Nova Terra will be available in the game on August 20, 2022. Apart from the new map, Free Fire 2022 anniversary is going to be a blast which will also feature a lot of new events and free gifts.

Introducing Nova Terra, the new map in Free Fire

The image below shows the new battlefield which will be seen after the launch of the new map, Nova Terra in the game:

Free Fire new map
Image via Freefiremania

The new Earth Map will provide players with new locations to explore with new elements. The new map with all the new features will require players to change their classic gameplay style and make it a bit more dynamic to increase their chances of winning a match on the new map. Locations like the Anti-gravity Zone will also be seen in the new map, this being a self-explanatory location where players will get to jump higher due to no gravity and much more.

Free Fire new map
Magic Portals (Image via FREEFIREMANIA)

The Nova Terra map will be available from August 20 to 24, 2022. A new mechanic will also launch with the new Magic portals map. These will help players rotate and flank enemies. Apart from that, the magic portals will also let players travel from one location to another more or less like teleport, but it’s worth noting that this is available for specific locations only.

Free Fire will also bring new game modes in the latest update

In the latest update apart from the new map, Free Fire will also launch game modes for the players. Let’s take a look at them:

  • The new mode is released and is available for a limited time. Players will have to fight in a match with 16 players. They will get to choose the weapons of their own choice. The player who first accumulates the predetermined amount of points will win the game.
  • Free fire has launched one more mode called Android Cizania. This mode has its own rules and includes certain levels to win the match.

With the Fifth Free Fire anniversary just around the corner, there would be a lot of free rewards in all the new events and quests. Players should play the matches to get all the gifts.

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