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Free Fire MAX Best Settings Guide and Tips

Play your game with the best settings possible!

Free Fire MAX is an enhanced version of the original Free Fire.  The ‘max’ version boasts rich visuals, realistic animations, and other features that almost deems the current as perhaps the light version of the game for the players. When it comes to playing Free Fire MAX, the sensitivity and in-game settings are really crucial. As a result, players want to know what the ideal sensitivity settings are for smooth gameplay and connecting more headshots using drags. So, here we have the Free Fire MAX Best Settings guide to help the players to excel in their gameplay. Even minute changes in settings can take your gaming experience to new heights.

Best Sensitivity Settings in Free Fire MAX

In any FPS game, it is the sensitivity controls that control the action rate for any functions in the game. A mix of general, red dot, varied scopes, and free look sensitivity determines the overall sensitivity in the game. Here’s how all present sensitivity options work in Free Fire MAX:

  • The general sensitivity controls the pace of screen movement in both X and Y axis.
  • The red dot sensitivity controls the speed with which the scope rotates when shooting down at a target.
  • The 2x, 4x, and sniper scope sensitivity determines the rate of movement of respective scopes attached to the gun.
  • Free look sensitivity determines the movement of Free look icon.(recently added rotatory view feature)

However, the best sensitivity setting varies according to the devices. So, we have listed them for both low-end (up to 3GB RAM) and high-end (4GB RAM or above) devices.

SensitivityFor Low-end devicesFor High-end devices
Red dot9590
2x scope7085
4x scope7080
Sniper scope80-9095
Free Look6050

In our opinion, these are the best settings for a smoother gameplay experience in Free Fire MAX. Players should hover to the setting sections in the game lobby and set to the values given above. After that, players should practice drag or one-tap headshots in the training mode to set their hands.

Best Settings for players in Free Fire MAX

Custom HUD

The Custom HUD setting, which can be found under the controls settings, is also one of the main game settings. Players can change the button sizes and locations in this section. In the controls area, players can also enable options such as rapid switch and quick reload.

Free Fire MAX Best Settings Guide
Best Custom HUD Settings in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

Gamers can customize every button, however for better drag headshots, they should not raise the size of the right fire button by more than 50%.


Players can select the best graphics for their devices under the display area of the game settings. For improved gaming performance, gamers with low-end devices should choose smooth or standard graphics, while players with high-end devices should go for ultra or max graphics.

Free Fire MAX Best Settings Guide
Best graphics settings in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

Players can also use several available filters such as Bright, Vivid, and Ocean. In comparison to the other alternatives, the Ocean filter provides the best experience.

What are your thoughts on the Free Fire MAX Best Settings Guide? Do let us know in the comments below!

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