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Free Fire x Devil May Cry 5 collaboration brings events and exclusive skins in the game

Dante and Nero from Devil May Cry 5 will be available in Free Fire through special bundles and skins!

In February, a brand-new collaboration project between Free Fire and Devil May Cry 5 will be released, according to Garena. The two hugely successful titles will come together in the crossover in a flawless artistic clash.

Devil May Cry has a steadfast following in the gaming world and is renowned for its remarkable visual appeal. The collaboration between the two games demonstrates Free Fire’s dedication to providing gamers with fresh content that goes beyond its Free Fire mythology and stylistic options.[0]=AZWi1YAAg3AnCNyNShchBFcFFu8UmIdGiivqS3Z9mum4PUtMFO4-eKGAOb4YNa3XklfOBriIYC4_sjhev2L6YQ579fI7QkmEIPFu55n7LxVANbWkJPc4R3bTNOF_wdcW64HDpel5jlBRplaKZxVM2yx9CA-tk5yhSfg3E0d8WZAvqDtYDaOjovnxIrf9JI0Kx28&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

All Survivors can access the Free Fire and Devil May Cry 5 collaboration beginning on February 10. Through this partnership, a variety of bundles and skins unique to Devil May Cry 5 will be offered in the Free Fire. This includes the two well-known major characters from Devil May Cry 5: Dante and Nero.

Free Fire Devil May Cry 5 collaboration
Image via Garena

Free Fire x Devil May Cry 5 is one of the most recent international collaborations from Free Fire. It is a part of Garena’s ongoing dedication to giving Survivors everywhere the finest and most enjoyable gaming experience possible. Survivors can anticipate obtaining a variety of exclusive things as a result of this crossover, including costumes, emotes, and the signature animations from Devil May Cry 5 in the Free Fire game.

The collaboration will feature Devil May Cry 5 themed events and unique rewards

Beginning on February 10, Free Fire will host a unique Devil May Cry 5-themed event that will involve a fight between Dante and Nero. The survivors must decide whether to aid Dante or Nero in finishing the Free Fire game’s mission within this chain of events!

Following the unique themed event, the Hunter Dante Bundle containing Dante’s Ebony and Ivory weapon skins is one of the first Items to be made available. Like in the video game, Devil May Cry 5, the first Hunter Dante Bundle will also have a unique emote. It will enable Dante to enter his Villain Mode and assume a brand-new demonic form.[0]=AZW1J56fefSiU3ysMQ18ApD3NjIbhfuwXYHOX9epcDzigRGSc_clfXkU3Yf-qr_BaLu8Q-VwLyJq4Ya4sEaT1EjUHPW6zjrk6HGtwDJShurQ0Qx-JqcYA8ygFqXu3PHq_IrgYDibNBeZBfZXH_53uPmXvotMF79cDtMAfru-4wUEf4W4cM73uyCcDoP-nP3vSJI&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

The Hunter Nero Bundle will subsequently bring Nero, Dante’s ferocious ally in Devil May Cry 5, in the Free Fire universe. The motorcycle skin inspired by Dante’s “Cavaliere” and the exclusive bundle will both be made available.

From February 10 to February 26, survivors can obtain all of the bundles, emotes, and unique animations from the Free Fire and Devil May Cry 5 collaboration through in-game occasions like Token Tower, Moco Store, and Faded Wheel. Survivors can also receive several attractive gifts from Devil May Cry 5 during this unique, time-limited event.

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