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Free Fire: Tips and Tricks to level up quickly in the game

Climb up the ranks quickly

Leveling up is a well-known addition that is added into almost every game category because it’s one of the things that separates the newbies from the pros up top. This system is also implemented in the mobile Battle Royale game Free Fire, but unlike other titles, does not quite offer the excitement you’d expect from such a huge game. While it may not be something major, it does matter, at least until a certain point, which is why in this article we have given some best tips on how to level up quicker in Free Fire.

Leveling up in Free Fire in the beginning means to unlock certain features and afterwards just earn rewards for each milestone. The level unlocking process starts with unlocking some characters and ends with unlocking Ranked matches at level 12, unless the account is bound, which makes it eligible for unlocking Ranked matches at level 8, As for the rewards, they differ, but are rarely actually good and with each level the required points get harder to earn.

Tips to level up fast in Free Fire

Leveling up required experience points, which are gained after every match mode available, except Training and Custom matches. However, here are some valuable tips to increase your level quickly in the game.

1. Use Double EXP Cards

Free Fire level up tips

Double exp cards double the amount of exp earned per match, so using them would definitely help to level faster. These cards don’t stack on usage so having more than of one of the same at a time only means they expire at a later date.These are obtained by getting badges for the Elite Pass,spinning in Diamond Royale, Ranking up and sometimes event exchangeables.

2. Playing Battle Royale Matches

Free Fire level up tips

Since points gained depend on your own performance, its best to earn a win with as much kills as possible for the most experience points. Remember leaving a match will also discard all experience points earned so stay until the very end if a remaining teammate is alive.

3. Playing Clash Squad mode

Free Fire level up tips

Clash Squad/Clash Squad Ranked is one of the best ways to level up due to the even quicker paced gameplay. Add a double exp card in and you’ll earn loads of exp in no time, depending on what milestone your at.

4. Double EXP events

The double EXP events occasionally occur at an update’s peak, where the exp rate for all game modes is doubled so be sure to make use of these. With these events stacking with double exp cards, you’ll have reached the level you wanted in no time.

Did you find these tips to level up fast in Free Fire helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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