G-STAR 2019: Pearl Abyss, Netmarble and Gravity to launch several titles

In the gaming industry, an individual or an organization can have any role like a publisher, developer or investor, which is in search of new markets. Whatever you are, G-STAR 2019 annual show is the best place to start a business in Asia. It is an annual trade show for the computer and video games industry. The Korean Biggest Game Show “G-STAR 2019” is scheduled to debut at BEXCO, Busan, South Korea on November 14, 2019.

This annual show, taking place each November has participation from game developers like “Netmarble”, “Pearl Abyss” and “Gravity”. The show features activities for both gamers and game makers and is a fixture in the international calendar now. Now, the full schedule for the event is live and is available on the official website. It includes the 2019 Korea Game Grand Prix, Opening Ceremony, G-CON Global Game Conference 2019, Game Investment Market, G-STAR Welcome Reception, B2b Networking Part and G-STAR Indie Showcase.

Netmarble will use the opportunity to announce its new games in the upcoming G-star 2019, “Cross Worlds”, “Magic: Mana Strike”, “A3: STILL ALIVE” and “Seven Knights: Revolution”.

Brief introduction of each game launching during G-STAR annual show:


It is a 30-players Survival Battle as in this game, players will be stand-alone and formalize strategy and control, as well as players of the entire server online versus at the same time in “Black Soul”. The game aims to maximize the survival and competition to all players.

A3: Still Alive
A3: Still Alive

2. Seven Knights: Revolution

The game is based on the popular mobile game IP “Seven Knights”. The game builds up a new guild to save the chaotic world. Players can select to become one of the heroes and/or choose any weapons.

Seven Knights going to launch at G-STAR show
Seven Knights: Revolution

3. Cross Worlds

Cross Worlds is one of the games that will be launched during the G-STAR 2019 annual show. It is an MMORPG mobile game based on LEVEL-5’s famous anime IP, “Ni No Kuni”. The game is such that it emphasizes the fairy-tale style in which it is focussed.

Cross Worlds is also going to launch at G-STAR 2019
Cross Worlds

4. Shadow Arena

Shadow Arena is the battle royale game with 50 real players in battle and challenge to be the last survivor. Pearl Abyss made a separate copy for  “Shadow Arena” and will first appear in G-Star 2019 annual show.

Shadow arena is also going to launch at G-STAR 2019
Shadow Arena

These are some of the many upcoming games that will be launched on the G-STAR 2019 annual show. Please stay tuned for more information and let us know your views regarding any of your favorite or expected games in the comment section.

5. Fuddled Muddled – GROW

This game challenges the limits of the brain of players, with 7 buttons combined to create a world of more than 5040 variations.

6. Ragnarok Tactics

In Ragnarok mobile game, the player has to arrange the monsters from the “Ragnarok” on its own. It also needs to develop a strong legion to challenge level and ready to battle for the PVP. It is already released in Thailand.

7. Crimson Desert

This game is based on the realistic characters and animated story, to describe the story of people fighting for their own land and survive. A per the officials, the game began development in the second half of 2018 and it is the second leading MMORPG of Pearl Abyss.

Crimson desert will launch at G-STAR 2019
Crimson Desert

8. DokeV

It describes the adventure of DokeV that seeks to grow through people’s dreams. This would be one of the games to look for after its launch.


9. Plan8

It is a mechanical MMO Shooting game. According to the official, this game is made by the production of Lee Seung-Ki, the design director of the “Black Desert” and “Black Desert MOBILE”, and the addition of Minh Le, the designer of “Counter-Strike”, to maximize the game quality.


Are you excited about these games? Do let us know in the comments below! And, for more Mobile Gaming related discussion, feel free to join our Discord community.

Official G-STAR Website
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