Gaming for a Greener Future: Industry Leaders Share Insights on World Environment Day 2024

Towards a healthier planet

As the world celebrates World Environment Day 2024, the spotlight turns to the games industry not only for its vast reach and cultural impact but also for its growing commitment to environmental sustainability. As a media in the mobile games industry, it is our responsibility to highlight how we, as an industry, are supporting the environment. So we reached out to multiple leaders within the gaming sector, to explore and understand their perspectives on how the industry can contribute to a healthier planet on this World Environment Day 2024.

Jaakko Kylmäoja, CEO, Fingersoft

Jaakko kylmaoja, fingersoft ceo, hill climb racing ceo
Jaakko Kylmaoja, CEO, Fingersoft

The gaming industry has a unique position to influence and inspire millions of players globally. By incorporating sustainability themes into game narratives and fostering virtual worlds that highlight environmental awareness, game developers can play a crucial role in promoting eco-friendly mindsets.

Additionally, the industry’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint through energy-efficient data centers and sustainable production practices will be vital in the coming decade. Through collaborative efforts and innovation, the gaming sector can significantly contribute to global sustainability goals.

Krystal Tan, BD Manager, MOONTON Games

krystal Tan
Krystal Tan, BD Manager, MOONTON Games

Environmental advocacy is one of the core pillars of MOONTON Cares, which is the philanthropic arm of MOONTON Games. In Malaysia, we recently teamed up with the Majlis Bandaraya Subang Jaya (Bahasa Malaysia for Subang Jaya City Council; MBSJ) to offer Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia (MPL MY) fans the opportunity to recycle their trash and learn about environmental sustainability directly at the MPL MY Arena in MBSJ Stadium in Serdang Jaya.

To incentivize fans to participate, all who traded in their recyclable items received exclusive free merch. In total, we gathered almost 10kg worth of items including clothes, plastic, and cans, which is a great start!

Elena Biryukova, ESG Project Manager, MY.GAMES

Elena Biryukova
Elena Biryukova, ESG Project Manager, MY Games

The gaming industry is increasingly recognizing its role in combating climate change and promoting sustainability. The energy consumption and emissions from creating and playing video games significantly contribute to climate change.

At MY.GAMES, our primary focus is building sustainable communities, including our players, game development professionals, and our global team. We invest in ethical game development, promote positive values, create inclusive environments, and emphasize DE&I within our games and company. Our efforts include improving game quality, reducing bugs, enhancing gameplay, and making games more accessible to diverse audiences.

We also make game development education accessible by offering educational projects at our hub locations. Our global remote-first approach supports CO2 reduction and promotes work-life balance, enabling our team to work from anywhere. By taking these steps, we help our communities thrive and ensure the gaming industry contributes to a sustainable future.

Deepak Ail, CEO and Co-Founder, Dot9 Games

Deepak Ail, Dot9 Games CEO, FAU-G CEO
Deepak Ail, CEO & Co-Founder, Dot9 Games

As an industry, we should be mindful of having the optimal download size to reduce our carbon emission footprint. Rather than force players to download gigabytes of data that more often than not skyrocket to about 20GB or so for some high-fidelity experiences, at Dot9 we’re focused on delivering a quality experience with FAU-G: Domination at around a fifth of the size. This is in line with Dot9’s philosophy of making great games that are conscious of their user and environmental impact.

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