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Genshin Impact fan designs concept weapon series inspired by the Pale Flame and Polar Star

Another interesting fan art!

Genshin Impact’s popularity continues to increase at a rapid pace ever since its release back in October 2020, along with a growing fan community. Fans have continued to share their creative spark with the community by showing many Genshin Impact-inspired content such as fan art, inspired playable character designs, animated videos, cosplays, etc. Recently a fan in the community shared an interesting concept art inspired by the Pale Flame Artifact Set and Polar Star bow Weapon in Genshin Impact.

Pale Flame and Polar Star concept art garnered positive feedback from the community

A fan going by the username oversaltedcat on both Twitter and Reddit shared his Polar Star and Pale Flame-inspired weapon series. Excluding the Polar Star bow on the far left of the image, the rest of the weapons are the concept art of the different weapons.

Polar Star is originally a five-star Bow weapon that was released back in Version 2.2 and was made as a Signature weapon for Targtaglia during his re-run. To briefly put it, it has a Crit Rate substate with a high Base Attack. It’s passive to put it simply increases Attack by a certain percentage while also boosting Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst Damage. Additionally, the Pale Flame set is an Artifact set that boosts Physical damage, it is mostly catered to Eula when she was initially released back in Version 1.5.

Amap Genshin Impact China
Image via HoYoverse

Genshin Impact fan also shared his inspiration for creating the concept art

According to the user, he designed the different weapons based on the idea of the Fatui Harbingers using these weapons. Note that the Pale Flame artifact set and the Polar Star are intentional choices to have them be inspired by since both of them have heavy Fatui Harbingers and Tsaritsa Lore in their descriptions. The user hoped to have the other Harbingers use the weapons and have their respective lore described in them.

Furthermore, he expressed a desire to have Signora use the Catalyst weapon as it would fit her given how she was shown to be a Catalyst user in the game cutscenes. Duly note that the Weapon Set (excluding the Polar Star) above is merely a fan design for Genshin Impact and not a leaked image found for future updates.  

What are your thoughts about the Pale Flame and Polar Star concept art created by the Genshin Impact fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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