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Genshin Impact: Kokomi Chinese voice actor harassed, restricts chat during livestream

Fans of the game dissatisfied with Kokomi's kit, stingy anniversary rewards

The latest patch of Genshin Impact has been full of ups and downs with the release of electro archon Baal and the release of two new islands, bringing joy to fans. But at the same time, Baal’s lack of synergy with Beidou and Kokomi’s inconsistent kit has irked some people in the community. Guiniang, the Chinese voice actor for Sangonomiya Kokomi in Genshin Impact recently held a livestream and had to face the brunt of angry fans who vented out their frustration and harassed her.

The fans’ anger can be attributed to various factors, including the stingy anniversary rewards, Beidou-Raiden synergy issues, the rushed storyline in version 2.1, and lastly, an incoherent kit for Kokomi. Some people even went as far as to call Kokomi one of the worst 5 characters in the game. The perceived problems with Kokomi are reflected in her lackluster sales.

Genshin Impact Kokomi voice actor harassed
Genshin Impact Banner Sales in iOS China (Image via Genshin Lab)

These small problems kept getting built up and in the end, some toxic people from the community decided to use derogatory remarks and harassed the Kokomi voice actor. To stop the situation from spiraling out of control, Guiniang decided to restrict the chat.

While some of the issues that the players pointed out have merit, the means used to bring the point across the table are not appropriate and it is out of line to harass someone. 

Repeated targetting of voice actors

This is not the first time that voice actors have been caught in the crossfire. In fact, this is quite reminiscent of the incident that occurred during Patch 2.1 English livestream where the English voice actors faced flak from the fans for being “overenthusiastic” and “cringe”.

Since Genshin Impact has a huge player base and a large number of them belong to the younger age group, it’s understandable that a part of the community would not be aware of work and the intricacies that are put to bring characters to life. But this does not make the reaction in any way or manner to be justified.

Targeting the voice actors who in no way are responsible for the character’s kit as well as the game’s state is completely unjustified. Even when expressing the problems to the stakeholders and developers, using demeaning language is not the correct way.

What are your thoughts about the Chinese voice actor for Kokomi in Genshin Impact being harassed by fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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