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Genshin Impact leaks suggest the probable expansion of Mondstadt

Are you ready for an expansion to Mondstadt?

Mondstadt is one nation that has been a part of Genshin Impact since all the way back in version 1.0. Between the major numbered updates, each nation has also received expansions in the form of sub-regions. Mondstadt was the first nation to receive such an expansion with the Dragonspine region. Right now, the focus of Genshin Impact is on Sumeru and its expansion as the nation has not yet been fully released. However, leaks about the upcoming nation, Fontaine have already started to surface on the internet. One leak about Fontaine characters in Genshin Impact might hint at Mondstadt receiving another expansion.

Recent Fontaine leaks hint arrival of Mondstadt characters in Genshin Impact

Recently, a picture of ten Fontaine characters got leaked on the internet. In a now-deleted Tweet, reliable leaker @merlin_impact claimed that not all of the characters in the Fontaine lineup are actually from Fontaine. He added that players should be ready for an expansion to Mondstadt.

The post was shared on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit where players started speculating what part of Mondstadt could be released next. Most of them seem to agree that Dornman Port is the most likely location of Mondstadt that might get released. This port has only been mentioned in books and character stories so far. Some players also mentioned the Dandelion Sea, but the collective consensus favors Dornman Port more.

Genshin Impact beautiful locations
Image via HoYoverse

It is not unlikely for Hoyoverse to release further expansions to nations after their respective Archon Quest has finished. Liyue received The Chasm expansion after the Inazuma Archon Quest ended. The Chasm launched with its own Archon Quest chapter, so the Mondstadt expansion could also be the same. Or, it could be that all of this was just harmless speculation. Either way, Hoyoverse has a lot of content planned for players in the future.

What are your thoughts about Mondstadt Expansion in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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