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Genshin Impact recovered the development cost in 2 weeks by making $100m already

Things are looking bright at Teyvat!

Arguably the most talked-about mobile game of the past two weeks Genshin Impact has grossed more than $100 million after it was released worldwide in late September. The majority of its success came from China. As reported by PC Gamer, the open-world classic has generated more than $100 million in as little as 12 days. Apparently amounting to Genshin Impact exact development cost which was reportedly said to be around $100 million as well. So in other words, game developers miHoYo have evidently gotten back the money cost of making the game and way more in profit.

The success of Genshin Impact

Being a Free-to-play game, Genshin Impact has been widely hyped and praised for its open-world feature which has stunned a lot of players on the handheld platforms especially in China, Korea, and Japan. The game also has thousands of players from America and Europe as well. The game has become the 2nd top-grossing mobile game globally in the launch week by earning a massive $60 Million.

Daniel Ahmad, a prominent commentator in the game industry has commented that he expects the game to gross at an estimated amount of $150 million USD. He stated, “Without a doubt the most successful launch for an original IP from a Chinese dev.” Millions of its players agreed and further gave more positive comments on the game as many claims that Genshin Impact is indeed the biggest ever global launch from a Chinese developer.

While the game is free-to-play, it is funded by a system of in-game gacha-style gambling loot boxes. Genshin Impact remains an open-world classic RPG that offers a ton of appeal and a fascinating interface and provides players with a bunch of stuff to do as they roam about in its incredible open world. Since the game is free and looks good, it’s negative comments are definitely going to be way less than the positive. And if you have poor impulse control in free games, then you may want to avoid it. According to The Washington Post, an editorial said it was “gambling real-world cash in a casino where the house always wins.”

Genshin Impact development cost

The success of Genshin Impact on mobile devices with it recovering the entirety of the development cost within the first two weeks itself also proved that the popularity of the open-world and RPG can not be restricted to PC and Consoles alone. Smartphones and Mobile devices are the future of e-sports industries.

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