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Genshin Impact Beginners Guide and Tips

Step into Teyvat!

Genshin Impact the open-world action RPG has been officially released for about a week now, and since the pre-launch, the game was already a fever. Beating records in downloads, we at GamingonPhone could not leave our readers without a proper beginners guide for Genshin Impact. So come along and bring paper and feather to write, so you make the most of the game from your very first run in Teyvat!

First and foremost, rise your Adventure Ranking

Genshin Impact is a huge RPG. Being so, you can often get driven away from your main objective by exploring, observing the environment, or just staying at the same place (We will not judge). But some key features from the game are unlocked with your Adventure Rank. The faster you get to level 20, the better for you. Besides getting into level 10, gives you the benefits of unlocking freebies and redeem codes! From there on, feel free to do everything else (taking into consideration our other tips).

Adventure RankingReward Unlocked
Level 8Blossom of Revelation (a special challenge that releases waves of monsters and gives rewards)
Level 12Blossom of Wealth and Daily Missions
Level 14Expeditions (lets unused characters from your roster gather materials)
Level 16Co-op mode and Abyssal Domains (one kind of dungeon)
Level 20Spiral Abyss (monthly changing dungeon) and Battle Pass
Level 22 and 27More dungeons with Artifacts and Talent Level-Up loot

Explore the world, but don’t drift away too far from the main history

As miHoYo says, there is much from the game that seems like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild. As a result, no NPC, rock, strange trees, or birds shall be ignored, since they all will give information and sometimes even quests and rare items (more on that right away). Like the Adventure Rank achievements, there is some important stuff to the RPG that is only unlocked through the main history line of quests.

Mix your elements and Team composition

Genshin Impact brings a variety of elemental powers to each Character unlocked. These powers synergize with each other creating a considerable range of possibilities. Therefore, always make sure to use them together to get the most of your team. Also, change your characters mid-combat so they all benefit from the XP from mobs, and you level them evenly. Some dungeons have a Level requirement based on the average level of your comp, and you really should not have an Overpowered character and 2 others that are useless.

Genshin Impact Beginners Guide

Use your Stardust and Prismogens wisely

Prismogens are a currency earned by playing the game, and Stardusts are earned by opening Wishes and can be converted to buy more. Kid yourself not, this is the most recurrent tip you will find because of its utility. Wishes are the loot boxes of the game, and it has a pity mechanic. The pity mechanic grants you rare items based on how many Wishes you have opened in a row and what you have earned.

ItemBase RateAverage Rate
including Pity
5-Star Character or Weapon0.6%1.6%
4-Star Character or Weapon5.1%13%
3-Star Weapon94.3%85.4%

4-Star pity

If a player does not win a 4-star or above item 9 pulls in a row the 10th pull is guaranteed to be a 4-star or higher item. This counter will reset if the player pulls any 4-star or above item. The counter does not transfer between wishes/banners. This pity does not carry over to the next character wish/banner

Featured guaranteed 4-Star character

Every time a player wins a 4-star item from a wish, there is a 50% chance it will be one of the featured 4-star characters. If the 4-star item won is not one of the featured characters, the next 4-star item won is guaranteed to be one of the featured characters.

5-Star pity

If a player does not win a 5-star item 89 pulls in a row the 90th pull is guaranteed to be a 5-star item. This counter will therefore automatically reset if the player pulls any 5-star item. 

Promotional guaranteed 5-Star character

Every time a player wins a 5-star item from a wish, there is a 50% chance it will be the promotional 5-star character. If the 5-star item won is not the promotional character, the next 5-star item won is guaranteed to be the promotional character.

Understand the use of the different in-game Currencies

There are a wide variety of currencies that can be used to buy (you guessed it) a variety of things. Since they are a lot and can be easy to lose track, here goes a list to guide you, beginners, in Genshin Impact


The basic type of currency. The gold of the game, you earn by opening chests, defeating enemies, and completing quests and your Adventurer Handbook. You can also earn Mora by claiming rewards from the guild as you increase your Adventurer’s Rank. You can even trade in other currencies like Stardust to get lots of it at once. Mora can be spent on many of the basic merchants in the world and in major cities to buy things like food ingredients, basic weapons and artifacts, and more.


The aforementioned currency to wishes also drops by just playing the game – like discovering new things, defeating groups of enemies, completing achievements, and sometimes rewarded for increasing your Adventurer’s Rank. Primogens are mainly used to create both Antiquated Fates and Intertwined Fates – which are used in Wishes.


As mentioned above, come in two types: Antiquated Fates and Intertwined Fates, that are used for separate event Wishes to “pull” different groups of characters and weapons. Very rare to find on their own, they are sometimes rewarded by the guild at certain Adventurer Ranks – or given out by the developers in in-game mail. Most often, they are crafted from Primogens, which can be done automatically when trying to roll for a Wish banner when you lack the required amount.

Sigils and Oculi (like Anemo Sigils and Anemoculus)

These are dependants on the regions you explore, and while sigils can be found by opening chests and defeating enemies, the Oculus appear as floating collectibles all over the place. Sigils can then be used in that region’s town to buy certain souvenirs and upgrades. Whereas the Oculi can be used on the Statues of the Seven that dot the landscape to upgrade them in exchange for blessings and various types of rewards, like increased stamina!

Original Resin 

It is a unique type of currency that is only used in regard to Ley Line Blossom challenge events that will begin popping up across the land after reaching Adventurer Rank 8. After defeating the waves of opponents summoned at the Ley Lines, you can revitalize the blossom by spending a certain amount of Resin to gain experience rewards. Players can only have up to 120 Original Resin, and it will slowly regenerate your amount over time once you’ve spent some. However, if you want to replenish your stock faster, you’ll need to spend Primogen to speed up the process. Or else you can get Fragile Resin as a reward and use them to replenish 60 Original Resin at once.

Genesis Crystals

It is the currency earned by spending real money. For those looking to get ahead, Genesis Crystals can then be used to purchase packs of items and resources or converted into Primogens if you are trying to participate in a Wish and lack the required Fates.

Starglitter and Stardust 

They are given out in Wishes as you obtain characters – more so if you happen to summon a duplicate. These types of currency can be used in the shop’s exchange menu to trade for specific rewards, which can include specific characters you may have been unable to obtain in your rolls thus far. Both currencies can also be used to gain more Fates, as well as other resources, and even Mora.

Special items to get and Daily Loot

As mentioned before, there are high specs items that you should keep an eye on and make a special effort to get. But there are two free 4-stars items that you get as your game progress. The first is won in a quest on the cathedral of Monstadt, the starting region.

Genshin Impact Beginners Guide

There a nun named Victoria will grant you a four-star artifact. The other one is achieved by wiping enemy camps and activating torches with elemental powers. The reward is a 4-star feather that greatly increases your attack. There is a video guide if you are having trouble completing the quest.

Use the map, mark the map!

Not always you will be able to explore everything nor complete certain quests at a given time. For those times, mark a point on the map so you know where to come back or where you were last headed.

Genshin Impact Beginners Guide

These tips are sufficient to prepare and guide beginners into an amazing journey in the fantasy world of Genshin Impact. Now get these tips, gather your crew and wait for the next guide for more advanced players!

Did you find the Genshin Impact Beginners Guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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