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What makes Nahida absurdly broken in Genshin Impact Sumeru Update

Here's why Nahida is Broken!

Ever since Nahida, the Dendro Archon was released in version 3.2, she has been a staple of almost every Dendro team. An overwhelming majority of players swear by her personal DMG and team utility. She is nigh irreplaceable once players realize what she is capable of. But why is the case? This article will try to uncover the reasons why Nahida is considered one of the most broken characters with the onset of the Sumeru Update in Genshin Impact. Initially, we will look at a C0 Nahida and later we will discuss the added benefits of her constellations.

Nahida in Genshin Impact: Chaining Dendro Reactions

Released in the Sumeru Update in Genshin Impact, Nahida and her elemental skill can mark up to 8 enemies and they become linked, which makes it quite broken. When at least one of the marked enemies takes DMG from Dendro cores (including Burgeon and Hyperbloom), Nahida will unleash Tri-Karma Purification (TKP) on ALL marked enemies. TKP is one instance of Dendro DMG and it can also generate particles.

Genshin Impact Nahida guide
Image via HoYoverse

All Dendro reactions require enemies to maintain a Dendro aura to be reacted with. There are very few characters who can apply Dendro in small intervals for a long duration to allow this to happen. Dendro Traveller’s burst is capable of doing this, albeit just within a circle. Collei’s burst is also capable of doing this, but in an even smaller circle for a shorter duration. None of them come close to Nahida’s ability to consistently apply Dendro from off-field. 

First of all, Nahida’s Dendro application is not tied to her burst, which makes it instantly available. Second of all, her skill has a very short cooldown (6s max) and the mark lasts for a very long time (25s). This guarantees permanent Dendro aura uptime on all marked enemies. 

Genshin Impact Sumeru Update Nahida Broken
Image via HoYoverse

All of these factors combined make Nahida very efficient at chaining Dendro reactions in Genshin Impact and thus, somewhat prove that she is broken.


Genshin Impact Nahida Broken
Image via HoYoverse

Bloom is Dendro + Hydro. Dendro needs to be applied first because if Hydro is applied first, the Dendro trigger will consume all of the Hydro aura and create fewer Blooms. So when Nahida applies Dendro and Hydro is applied to create Blooms, TKP will be unleashed when the Blooms explode and Dendro will be reapplied. This way we never have to worry about Dendro aura as long as the mark exists and continue applying Hydro.


Hyperbloom is when Electro is applied to Blooms. This reaction has insane single-target DMG and currently, it is one of the best reactions, period. Because of the way Nahida’s burst works, having an Electro teammate will decrease the TKP trigger interval and Dendro will be reapplied even more frequently.  


Spread/Aggravate is Dendro + Electro + Dendro/Electro. When Dendro and Electro react for the first time, affected enemies enter the Quicken state. This is similar to Freeze in the sense that the reaction itself does not DMG but puts the enemy in a new state. Denro or Electro can be applied to Quickened enemies to trigger Spread and Aggravate respectively. Spread/Aggravate is a Flat DMG increase to the instance of Dendro/Electro DMG that triggers it. This DMG scales off the trigger character’s ATK, DMG bonus, CRIT, etc. It works the same way as Shenhe and Yun Jin’s buffs. 

TKP ensures that Aggravate is triggered easily by constantly reapplying Dendro. And because of the way Nahida’s burst works, having multiple Electro teammates will even further decrease the TKP trigger interval and help trigger more Spreads and Aggravates. 

Nahida’s weapon type: Blessing

The best thing about catalyst users is that they can apply their respecting element just by using normal attacks. Dendro is one of the best elements in Genshin Impact because of its strong reactions. Nahida is already the best Dendro applicator due to her elemental skill, but her normal attacks inherently being infused by Dendro make her even better. Unlike most catalyst users, her normal attacks hit enemies in a line and it is possible to hit multiple enemies. Her charged attack has a much larger AOE than other catalyst users. This makes an on-field Nahida playstyle extremely viable. 

Dual Scaling is the best type of Scaling

Most DMG in Genshin Impact scales off one stat like ATK/HP/EM. While building a character, there is always going to be some completely useless stats. An ATK-scaling character like Xiao will not benefit from any HP whatsoever. Similarly, an HP-scaling scaling character like Yelan will not benefit from any ATK. There are characters like Hu Tao and Kamisato Ayato whose base DMG is ATK-scaling but they receive a DMG bonus based on HP. This additional scaling is always helpful since there are fewer wasted stats.

Genshin Impact Sumeru Update Nahida Broken dual scaling
Image via HoYoverse

Then there are hybrid scaling characters like Albedo and Kokomi. In addition to ATK, parts of their kits scale off DEF and HP, respectively. This makes it difficult to build these kinds of characters. Hybrid scaling is the worst type of scaling since neither stat will be properly built and they will never reach their maximum potential. Additional scalings like Hu Tao and Ayato are significantly better than single scaling, while hybrid scaling is the worst type of scaling. But the best type of scaling is dual scaling.

Nahida’s TKP DMG scales of both ATK and EM at the same time. Ideally, she would be built with as much EM as possible, but she will still have around 1k ATK. On any other character, this ATK would be useless, but Nahida can benefit from it due to the nature of her DMG scaling. She Could also benefit from any external source of ATK buffs like Pyro Resonance or Bennett. This dual scaling on her skill further increases her already amazing DMG potential.


Genshin Impact Sumeru Update Nahida Broken self buff
Image via HoYoverse

Since Nahida’s build usually revolves around EM, she would lack in CRIT stats. To mitigate this, one of her Ascension passives grants TKP a DMG bonus and CRIT Rate buff based on her EM. At this point, she is triple scaling with EM. 

Buffing teammates

Buffing teammates
Image via HoYoverse

In addition to her amazing personal DMG and insane Dendro application, she also provides a buff to her teammates. Her burst grants the active character inside the Shrine of Maya a maximum of 250 EM. This is significantly helpful for Bloom/Hyperbloom/Burgeon teams. Bloom/Hyperbloom/Burgeon DMG only scales off the triggering character’s level and EM. getting an EM bonus from Nahida boosts their DMG even further.

Additional off-field DMG

Nahida’s mark affects enemies that are not even being directly attacked in the first place. Suppose, you enter an enemy camp and immediately mark all enemies. Then you proceed to attack the biggest enemy in the camp and defeat it. Chances are, by the time you defeat the biggest enemy in the camp, the rest are also dead because of the consistent triggering of TKP. There is no need to group enemies to be able to hit them all at once. This is yet another convenient thing about her skill. 

Genshin Impact: Benefits of Constellations to Nahida (C2 is a game changer)

Nahida is a fully functioning unit at C0, but her constellations do a bit of both: increasing her personal DMG as well as buffing her teammates better. Released during the Sumeru Update, Nahida is broken in Genshin Impact.

  • C1 allows her burst to have all 3 buffs active even if there is no character of that corresponding element present in the team. For example, there will likely be no Pyro character in an Aggravate team, but the buff for having a Pyro character in the team will be activated nonetheless. 
  • C2 is the best constellation for both her personal DMG as well as team buffing. Usually, Blooms (including Burgeon/Hyperbloom) cannot Crit. Nahida’s C2 makes them able to Crit, even though the Crit Rate and DMG are fixed, it is still a huge increase in the total average DMG. This constellation also decreases enemies’ DEF which is another helpful buff to have. 
Image via HoYoverse
  • C4 grants Nahida an EM buff based on the number of enemies marked by her skill, up to 4. This is largely unnecessary since she can easily reach 1000 EM with EM-EM-EM artifacts and an EM substat weapon.
  • C6 turns Nahida into a temporary burst DPS like Raiden Shogun. It allows her to frontload a lot of DMG in a short amount of time after using her burst. But unlike Raiden Shogun, the rest of Nahida’s kit does not support a Hypercarry playstyle. The maximum amount of DMG in the Raiden Hypercarry team comes from Raiden Shogun herself, but Nahida teams are built around elemental reactions, not personal DMG. Therefore, Nahida’s temporary burst DPS window does not make her DMG a significant portion of the team’s total DMG. 

Final Thoughts

Nahida is an example of what a perfectly designed character in Genshin Impact is supposed to be like. 

  • Her abilities have permanent uptime.
  • Her Dendro application is unparalleled.
  • Her abilities work while off-field.
  • She grants excellent buffs to herself and her teammates.

As long as the team utilizes Dendro reactions, there are absolutely no downsides to including Nahida in the team. In most cases, Nahida is the best Dendro character available to fulfil a role in Genshin Impact. The ability of Nahida to enable Dendro reactions and buffing teammates is what makes her absurdly broken in Genshin Impact.

What are your thoughts on our article about why Nahida is broken in Genshin Impact, being released during the Sumeru Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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