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Genshin Impact: Teyvat Times returns in 2022 after version 2.6 update

Teyvat Times returns with a Bang!

Genshin Impact recently released their version 2.6 update and introduced a new region, Chasm, to travelers. While adding a new region, more characters and artifacts are kept players interested; the return of a fan-favorite item is making fans excited. Teyvat Times is an online newsletter that showcases interesting statistics and facts about Genshin Impact on the game’s community. Teyvat Times is making a return with Genshin Impact 2.6 update after a hiatus of over a year.

Four issues of Teyvat times were released during the initial stages of the game and were something that fans looked forward to. Still, post-January 28, 2021miHoYo/HoYoverse stopped releasing further issues. The 2022 feature of the Teyvat Times had lots of fun and crazy statistics related to the games housing feature, Serenitea Pot, expeditions in Enkanomiya, and more. Let us look at all the data shared by the game’s developer in Volume 1 of the 2022 issue.

Serenitea Pot

This edition of the newsletter places a heavy focus on content released with Inazuma and Serenitea Pot

Teyvat Times
Serenitea Pot (Image via miHoYo)
  • The most preferred Realm layout by travelers is Floating Abode. Up to 45.7% of the players choose Floating Abode as their first realm layout.
  • On average daily, 5,775,232 pieces of wood are farmed, while the record for most pieces collected by a single player is a whooping 22,732.
  • Having pets in Serenitea pot is a common feature, but, interestingly, the number of dogs in a single realm is 275.

Sneaky and Daring Travellers 

  • Some travelers are particularly rebellious and adventurous, as 45,961 tried to sneak their way into Inazuma rather than boarding Beidou’s ship. Most of the players failed as nearly 18,000 travelers perished by lightning, and another 13,000 drowned as their stamina was fully consumed.
  • Beidou has a word for the players who tried to sneak their way in “It’s a good thing to have courage but you should also pay attention to safety. Come on grab my hand!”
Teyvat Times
Beidou and her Ship, The Crux Fleet (Image via miHoYo)
  • This month more than twelve thousand players died trying to swim to Inazuma.
  • A traveler whose identity wasn’t revealed tried to battle with Thunder manifestation using a team of 4 electro characters. Paimon advises the traveler, “another element might work better.”

Inazuma Shrine Wishes 

In Narakumi Shrine, players interact with Gendou Ringo to fortune slips. According to Teyvat Times, an average of 164,511 players visited the shrine to try their luck, with over 40 thousand players hitting the jackpot earning the great fortune slip. In comparison, over ten thousand players got the great misfortune slip meaning that the Genshin gods have been gracious to the players.

Enkanomiya: First Day Statistics

Genshin Impact Teyvat Times
Enkanomiya (Image via miHoYo)

Over 136 thousand players unlocked all the teleport waypoints within a day of the launch of the new region. With so many players exploring Enkanomiya, the day and night changes became frequent, changing a staggering 3,495,436 each day.

What are your thoughts as Teyvat Times returns after Genshin Impact 2.6 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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