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Genshin Impact Voice Actors claim that they haven’t received their pay in months

Voice Actors voice out their issues against HoYoverse!

Genshin Impact, despite being one of the biggest and one of the more successful titles in the market is reportedly failed to pay the Voice Actors for their services for over four months now. Not much information is available at the moment as to why this is happening, however, a day after this went viral, HoYoverse commented on this matter.

Lack of resources should definitely not be the reason behind the inability to pay actors their dues

If it was some other game, which would have started their operations from scratch we would’ve understood as the resources were not sufficient enough to carry out the transactions. However, with the game being as successful as it is and the community as large as it is, it is very hard to understand why the developers and the game studio would even think of doing such a thing. It directly puts their brand goodwill in the eyes of the public at risk of having a negative effect.

Additionally one of the major reasons for the game being as popular as it is the fact that the character development in the game is on point and delivers an engaging experience. With the developers and studios mismanaging the payments to the voice actors, it has led to many voice actors leaving the studios leading to a change in the character’s voices and thus affecting the character development in an adverse manner.

Many actors have since stepped ahead to voice out their opinion on the matter and express their disappointment with the developers and studios. Corina Boettger, the voice behind the character named Paimon, further quotes that the studio owes her thousands, and Brandon Winckler, who is known for voicing a couple of characters in the game has shared a similar story and has left the job as the voice actor since.

HoYoverse has responded to the situation, expressed regret

As a step towards addressing the matter, the developer has reportedly released a statement expressing deep regret upon learning about the situation. Furthermore, they have extended their support to the voice actors in their pursuit of claiming their unpaid dues.

It is important to note that the English dub of Genshin Impact is being managed by a studio called Formosa and they are under the radar for not paying the dues on time. In his response, Brandon Winckler expressed gratitude towards HoYoverse but also conveyed his regret that the situation had to escalate to this extent.

Genshin Impact has been topping the charts lately in terms of the revenue earned, hence them not paying up the dues to the actors seems unfair. The response was pretty much expected and glad the developers voicing their support over the voice actors.

What are your thoughts on Genshin Impact failing to pay up the dues for the Voice Actors? Let us know in the comments below.

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