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Genshin Impact x Sweet Paradise collaboration to release this September

Tasty food and exciting merch of Genshin Impact!

During the live stream of the Genshin Impact 2.0 update on the 9th of July, 2021, The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia collaboration cafe was first teased, exclusively in Japan. This collaboration in the game of Genshin Impact is officially titled as “Genshin Impact x Sweet Paradise”.

Sweet Paradise has announced a Genshin Impact collaboration, bringing limited-edition-themed goods to fans. These include the likes of waiter skin for Albedo and chibi merch for other Monstadt playable characters. The Genshin Impact community is very much excited about this collaboration.

This collaboration will be starting from the date of 1st of September, 2021 to the 30th of September, 2021 over 12 Sweet Paradise venues across all over Japan. According to the website, the collaboration will be set up in places like Shinjuku, Harajuku, and also Nagoya. The website has officially declared that the café will have a special menu of Genshin Impact-themed foods.

Genshin Impact x Sweet Paradise collaboration: Menu list

This is the menu released by the Sweet Paradise website. In this menu, it is quite evident that some of these foods are present in the Genshin Impact game.

Genshin Impact and Sweet Paradise collaboration menu
Genshin Impact and Sweet Paradise collaboration menu

1. Sticky Honey Roast

Sweet Paradise- Sticky Honey Roast


A meat dish in a sweet honey sauce. The carrots take the gamey edge off the meat, and the sauce brings it all together sweetly. It is the perfect warm dish for a cold winter night.

2. Fish-Flavored Toast

Sweet Paradise: Fish flavored toast


It is one of Klee’s specialty. By way of apology for wantonly using her bombs to scare away the fish, Jean had instructed Klee to make this toast for the fishermen. It is filling and tasty. Klee will never starve again, even after a whole day of blast fishing.

3. Lighter than Air Pancake

Sweet Paradise- Lighter than air pancake
Sweet Paradise- Lighter than air pancake


It is one of Noelle’s specialty. These thick pastries are the special afternoon snacks of the Knights of Favonius. They give people the sense that they have fallen upon a layer of fluffy clouds, and seeing Noelle’s smile makes the feeling all the sweeter.

Genshin Impact x Sweet Paradise collaboration: List of merchandise

Genshin Impact x Sweet Paradise Merch list
Genshin Impact x Sweet Paradise: Merch list

The latest illustrations have featured all the Monstadt characters from the game as a part of the cafe staff. They are some of the characters who are listed on the Sweet Paradise site with their key visuals. These characters are:

  • Paimon
  • Aether
  • Lumine
  • Diluc
  • Kaeya
  • Rosaria
  • Albedo
  • Klee
  • Sucrose
  • Eula
  • Venti
  • Noelle
  • Barbara
  • Lisa
  • Diona
  • Jean
  • Mona
  • Fischl
  • Amber
  • Bennett
  • Kazuha

What are your thoughts on the Genshin Impact x Sweet Paradise collaboration? Let us know in the comments below.

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