Google Play Store set to change rating and review system depending on device type, region

A step towards making rating and review system better for users and developers!

All the Android users out there are probably aware of the Google Play Store and its actions, especially the ratings and the reviews which it does showcase. Despite being a useful system, it also means that if a certain region or device type has a glitch or a bug, then the developers and users will both face negative effects to some extent. Google now has a remedy to this, through a proposed rating system change in the way the Play Store works.

Currently, users worldwide can drop ratings and reviews for the games, apps, and other virtual assets they’ve tried out. Ratings and reviews are essential towards providing feedback to developers and also letting other users know about the quality of a game.

A boon for both users and developers

According to the Android Developers Blog, from now on, ratings and reviews will actually be based on device type and region. Users in a specific country, let us take India for example, using a specific device like an Android smartphone, will only be able to see the reviews and ratings for that specific device and region.

We’ve heard from both Play Store users and developers that ratings and reviews could be more helpful. This is especially true when ratings from one area unfairly impact another — like when a bug that only impacted a single country negatively affects the app’s rating everywhere; or when positive improvements in a tablet experience are overlooked because of the number of users on phones. So we’re starting a multi-quarter program of improvements to make ratings more personalized and indicative of the experience each individual user can expect, and to make them easier to navigate and use for developers

Google via android developers blog

This change in the ratings and reviews system of Google Play Store will start from November of this year for Android devices and then will spread to tablets, Chromebooks, and wearables in early 2022. There’s also other information for developers in the blog that reveals important details regarding the upcoming features to make their work easier. That being said, these changes will hopefully make the experience better for users when it comes to downloading apps and games.

What do you think about the upcoming change in the rating and review system of the Google Play Store? Let us know in the comment section!

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