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GRAC, Korea’s national rating board charged with financial fraud allegations, courtesy to Blue Archive players

Gacha gamers have finally brought justice, having exposed corruption!

Gamers naturally get frustrated when their favorite game is not treated fairly and such a community is not a desirable enemy after all. In a surprising turn of events in South Korea recently, the players of the popular gacha game Blue Archive developed by South Korean developers Nexon successfully lobbied against the GRAC and uncovered some fraud allegations which was run covertly.

How GRAC’s scheme was uncovered by the Blue Archive community

As reported by Insight Korea, the age rating of the game Blue Archive was raised to 18+ in the final leg of last year, that is, 2022. The Game Rating and Administration Committee of South Korea, abbreviated as GRAC, were immediately under flak by the players of Blue Archive, due to the unfairness of the rating. The players claimed that the game did not have any explicit content that warranted the 18+ rating.

GRAC fraud allegations Blue Archive South Korea
Image via GRAC

A petition was launched and signed by more than 5000 people and got the attention of Lee Sang-Heon, a politician and lawmaker of Korea’s Democratic Party. Consequently, a probe and investigation were conducted into the activities of GRAC that resulted in the uncovering of the embezzlement scheme. According to the reports of the audit, the funds assigned to rating games were illegally invested into mining bitcoin, while using their legal activities as a cover-up.


This audit is not the end of corruption, but the beginning of change. As a member of the Culture and Sports Commission, I will also watch over the Commission to be reborn as a sound and fair public institution specializing in-game products

Lee Sang-Hyeon, lawmaker and politician of democratic party

It is not every day that the discontent of gamers and their protests lead to something like this, where a state organization is outed as being scandalous, and the involvement of politics as well. Amidst this chaos, Blue Archive has continued to thrive with the developer Nexon focusing on their game and leaving no room for complaints from the gamers, who have shown that they can be a driving force to strive for change.

What are your thoughts about the Blue Archive community who have brought huge fraud allegations against GRAC, the national board of rating of South Korea? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thanks, Kronii!


This is all Kronii’s fault….


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Kronii pinned the fraud on vesper and dezmond and thats why they got suspended. Luckily we have this fine journalist and his stellar research skills that totally isnt just made up slander revealing the truth

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I don’t know what Ouro Kronii of Hololive has to do with his article, but good clickbait that certainly won’t come back to bite your in the arse for roping in an unrelated third party.


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thank, Kronii!


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