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Granado Espada M: The soon-to-release mobile game unveils background art

After the character's artwork now it's time to watch the amazing background art of Granado Espada M.

After receiving a staggering response on the last artwork released in December 2021, the Granado Espada M team has now released the background art of the game which is expected to release soon. Granado Espada M, a mobile MMORPG is set to be the predecessor of the 2006 Korea Game Awards Presidential Award and Game Graphics Technology/Creativity Award winner, jointly developed by Korean Game developers and publishers IMC Games and HanbitSoft. 

granado espada m background art
Image via IMC Games

The Korean developers first gave hints about the game in 2019 and said that the game would be launched by mid-2020 but due to the pandemic the game hasn’t made its way to the market even after 2022 but now over the past few months the team has been aggressively making headlines hinting a potential release of Granado Espada M. 

Granado Espada M reveals background art: What we know so far

On February 21, the team released the artwork of the ‘Reboldoeu’ area, which will act as the main hub and the very first settlement of the game. Users will perform quests here and go on to build a base of their own. 

An official from Granado Espada M said, “Reboldoeu is a beautiful city that reminds users who have experienced the original Granado Espada again the excitement of the beginning, and gives a first impression that will be fascinated by users who are new to it.” 

granado espada m
Image via Granado Espada M

Reboldoeu resonates with the medieval European style of architecture and scenery, the city is set in an old European town style which is covered with buildings that are architectured for style and meaning, with tombs and carvings.

The artwork displays a water fountain around the city center, the artwork also features a huge city gate and numerous residential and commercial buildings that are set across in the scene. Users can go to the official website to stay updated about all the information on the game.

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