Halfbrick Beyond 2023 has showcased several new mobile games

Halfbrick Studios is all set for a busy 2023 year!

Halfbrick Studios has long been associated with the childhood and past nostalgia of pretty much anyone, who has taken an interest in mobile games for an extended period of time. The Australia-based video game developing studio operating from the city of Brisbane has some titles under its belt, the names of which we simply cannot skip when talking about iconic mobile games, the prominent ones being Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja. We will look at an overview of the Halfbrick Beyond showcase, which was held on the 23rd of January, 2023, revealing new mobile games.

Halfbrick Beyond 2023 announces new and remastered versions of classic games

In the Halfbrick Beyond 2023 showcase that premiered earlier today, developers got to know about the company’s current state on the development of the games, which is due to release this year. From what has been said and discussed in the video, it is evident that Halfbrick Studios is looking to go forward with its old titles, by refurbishing and remastering them, instead of creating fresh games with new titles. The video went over various games, including mobile, as well as VR games and those available on Steam. There are

Upcoming Fish Out Of Water and Age of Zombies titles

Fish Out Of Water and Age of Zombies are two of the more popular games from Halfbrick Studios and are in line to get remastered versions later this year. The games will be remade using a modern engine, in order to make for an even more immersive experience than the original versions of the games. Fish Out Of Water is a casual game that does not have a limit and the difficulty increases over time. Meanwhile, Age of Zombies follows the same character from Jetpack Joyride, where he fights zombies instead.

Age of Zombies Halfbrick Beyond 2023 games
Image via Halfbrick Studios

Both games are due for release in 2023, although, it has not been specified as, to which quarter of the year or which month the game will be released. But, we can hope that it will be soon.

Two new animated series revolving around Dan the Man and Jetpack Joyride

Halfbrick Studios, as per the announcements made in the video, is inclined on making an animated series, one each for each of the two games which will explore their respective lore and universe in a much more detailed manner.

Jetpack Joyride Halfbrick Beyond 2023 games
Image via Halfbrick Studios

This is coming at a time when making animated media based on games is a very profitable venture, one example being League of Legends with Arcane. Dan the Man is set to release in May 2023 and Jetpack Joyride is set to come out in late 2023, the date is undisclosed.

Dan the Man 2

Moving onto the final announcement that involves a mobile game from the last session of Halfbrick Studios, developers have the announcement regarding a Dan the Man sequel which we reported earlier in October 2022.

Dan the Man 2 Halfbrick Beyond 2023 games
Image via Halfbrick Studios

Dan the Man 2 will take the baton from its predecessor and will retain the single-player campaign elements. It offers an immersive environment to play in and is the game to go for, if developers are looking to kill time with an easy-to-play game that is equally engaging. The game is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2023, at an undisclosed date.

Final Thoughts

It is for the announcement and all major announcements regarding mobile games have been covered. The most ambitious venture is probably the project of making an animated series, as much of its success, depends on the overall popularity of the game.

Are you familiar with the said games showcased by Halfbrick Beyond 2023? Have you played any of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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