Halfbrick Studios CEO shares a nostalgic journey through time and mentions the importance of Halfbrick+

Relive a journey!

Halfbrick Studios CEO Shainiel Deo in the studios’ latest video on YouTube discussed the importance of the Halfbrick+ subscription service and shared a nostalgic journey and their love for making games, starting from his NES days to creating a subscription service intended for fans.

The company is renowned for creating amazing mobile experiences such as action platformer Dan the Man for which a sequel is in the worksJetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash, and more.

The humble beginnings of Halfbrick Studios

Reflecting on the company’s start, the CEO delved into Halfbrick’s early days in a rented basement in Red Hill, Australia, with three to four people living there. He highlights the lack of gaming industry experience as a saving grace, but he added that it allowed us to find their path and create games we were passionate about for the players.

halfbrick studios CEO
Image via Halfbrick Studios

The roots of Deo’s passion for game development trace back to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) days, playing Super Mario Brothers. Some developers created this amazing game experience, and the CEO thought he wanted to create the same experience.

On the enduring love for game development, Shainiel added, “Why am I still making games today? Spoiler: I love making games! While I may not directly create games anymore, being part of the process and contributing to the attention to detail and polish is why I’m still in the game.”

App Store challenges and a vision to create Halfbrick+

Acknowledging the challenges posed by changes in the App Store landscape over the years, Shainiel explained how certain popular games had to be removed, leaving fans yearning for their return. In response to this demand, an ambitious vision emerged about bringing all of that catalog content back but wrapping it up in a mobile game subscription service.

Halfbrick+ service
Image via Halfbrick Studios

Thus, the result of this vision, Halfbrick+ is currently available worldwide in its early access version. They are testing Halfbrick+, so everything is free, but eventually, they will charge for it. The transition to a paid subscription model was clarified as a move towards sustainability, with the assurance that pricing would be reasonable and meaningful to avoid alienating players.

Looking ahead, Shainiel Deo envisions Halfbrick+ as a way to retrace the company’s roots, with importance from Halfbrick Studios. The essence of Halfbrick+ lies in fulfilling the desires of the devoted gaming community, providing the experiences they’ve longed for.

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