HardHead Squad: Rovio’s new MMO strategy game is soft-released

Finnish video game developer Rovio Entertainment, popularly known for Angry Birds franchise is back again with HardHead Squad. Rovio announced that HardHead Squad is soft-released for iOS and Android. The game is all about Strategizing and socializing in real-time with thousands of players all around the world. Building a powerful army and charge to the battlefield with your troops! Build impenetrable headquarters and research new technologies.

In the initial soft launch, the game is available in Finland, Denmark, The Philippines, and Sweden. Soon, the game will also be launched in the USA as well.

HardHead Squad soft release

About HardHead Squad

HardHead Squad is a game of Guilds competing over control and resources of the Map. The most crucial factor to succeed in the game is Communication and coordination with your Guild members. The players can communicate with their Guildmates in the Guild Chat. As you start playing the game, the focus should be on growing stronger before going for attacking mode.

How to get started with HardHead Squad?

At an early stage, you can have Heroes performing different tasks on the Map outside of your Base so use them shrewdly. Initially, start by overcoming level 1 and 2 criminals to get a decent measure of loot and get a decent taste of fight. At that point, pick a couple of mining hubs near your Base and send your Army to mine them.

You should also consider building and upgrading your Base Buildings including Command Center Farm, Wall, Barracks, Garage, Hospital, Airstrip, Combat Lab, Tech Center, Supply Depot Gold Mine, and Oil Rigs.

HardHead Squad Build and Defend

Once you get your economy up and running and your Barracks are full of Units. You can start thinking of expanding your territory in cooperation with your Guildmates and prepare yourselves for fighting over Outposts. Remember to scout any potential targets before committing to an attack by sending your Squad so you know what you are up against!

Hardhead Squad: MMO War is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

Have you tried HardHead Squad that is currently soft-released in select countries? Let us know in the comments below

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