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Hearthstone to introduce a new mode ‘Twist’ in Patch 26.6, replacing the Classic mode

A new Twist!

Hearthstone has announced that in an upcoming Patch 26.6, there will be significant changes to the game which is the arrival of the brand-new game mode called Twist, which will serve as the replacement of the existing Classic Mode. Due to the short June season, Hearthstone will be adopting a unified format for both the June and July Beta seasons of Twist.

The Twist mode will contain unique rule sets

The Twist is a mode within Hearthstone’s ladder system that introduces regularly rotating seasons, each offering a distinct twist on the game’s rules. These twists can involve curated card pools and unique rule sets, injecting a fresh and captivating experience into the gameplay while reshaping the meta. Players will start Twist from the beginning, at Bronze 10.

Hearthstone Twist
Image via Activision

The first season of Twist will be a shorter one, running until July 1. During this season, players will have the opportunity to earn ranked rewards from the Twist ladder, similar to Standard or Wild modes. The ranked rewards for June will be determined based on the player’s highest ladder rank across all modes. With the introduction of the Twist Beta, the official Leaderboards will transition from Classic to Twist.

It’s important to note that while Twist formats will change periodically, they might not be altered with every season. On occasion, Twist may be temporarily deactivated as the developers prepare for the next exciting season. Accessing Twist is simple; players can find it in the Hearthstone menu, where the Classic mode used to be present.

From there, you can always explore the current Twist season’s rules and eligible card pools directly from the deck selection screen. The developers have already planned some captivating and nostalgic Twist formats for the upcoming months.

What are your thoughts on Hearthstone introducing Twist mode in Patch 26.6, replacing the Classic mode? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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