Honkai Impact 3rd v5.9 Banquet of Helix update brings new events, challenges and rewards

Are you ready for a visual feast in the style of steampunk?

The Honkai Impact 3rd team has announced that the action game will be updated to v5.9, Banquet of Helix on August 11. Meet Vill-V, or Vill-Vs – eight personalities in one body, crazy and chaotic. She puts on a magical show complete with turrets and chariots that deal devastating damage and smashing firepower.

In addition, Story Chapter XXXI will be released alongside the version update, bringing the journey to a close. Finally, Captains will be able to enjoy a full list of summer events in v5.9 and gain cool and refreshing Valkyries outfits.

Introducing Vill-V or Vill-Vs, the 8 personalities living in one shell

The Hyperion will become much more lively now that Vill-V, or Vill-Vs, will be aboard! With eight personalities living in one shell, her temper, facial expressions, and voice all change from time to time, making her each different and unique. She can be a Scholar, an Expert, a Great Magician, and so on.

Honkai Impact 3rd v5.9 Banquet of Helix
Image via HoYoverse

Furthermore, she is the engineer who relentlessly strives for perfection, with confidence and willpower that exceed humanity. Vill-V battles alongside her turrets and chariot, performing incredible in-air maneuvers on the battlefield. Her extraordinary weapons, which are made up of pinions and gears, power tubes, and a dashboard, can slash enemies like grass. Attention, audience! Don’t be taken in by the astounding show.

Honkai Impact v5.9 update will feature the New Story Chapter XXXI

The plot of Elysian Realm has been nonstop excitement, especially since Mei discovered the 13th Herrscher’s secret. As the evil mastermind can no longer hide behind any longer, all threads are now leading to the end. The actors are prepared, and the stage is set.

An unavoidable and fatal duel is on the horizon. The upcoming Story Chapter XXXI would take about three to four hours to complete, making it the longest in Honkai Impact 3rd history. In addition to the story update, there will be new areas on the Open World map with tonnes of treasure and challenges.

Captains will be able to dive in a series of summertime limited events back-to-back during the season of sea and island breeze. The 13 Flame-Chasers will remain as guests and embark on a fantastic adventure on a vacation island. They will band together to fight enemies or compete in the grand survival game to be crowned champion.

Captains who participate in the summer events will be able to obtain Miss Pink Elf’s outfit Summer Miss Elf, Mobius’ new outfit Daughter of Corals, which transforms the serpentine girl into a stunning mermaid, and Pardo’s new outfit Midsummer Collector! As with previous updates, the v5.9 update includes tonnes of new content and plentiful rewards, so don’t miss out on the fun!

Are you excited for the Honkai Impact 3rd v5.9 Banquet of Helix update? Let us know in the comments below!

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