Honkai Impact 3rd v6.8 Saha and Rebirth is set to release on 3rd August, 2023

New journey of Herrscher of Rebirth!

Honkai Impact 3rd has announced that the action title will release v6.8 Saha and Rebirth on August 3, 2023. After the version update, Seele’s new S-rank Herrscher battlesuit, Herrscher of Rebirth will be released, along with a brand-new, twist-filled main story! By then, there will also be new main plot events and limited-time events, offering a tonne of in-game rewards and bonuses!

The v6.8 will include Honkai Impact’s 3rd Art Collection, The Moon’s Origin and Finality. The new art collection includes a variety of incredible illustrations, scene concepts, and animation storyboards in addition to showcasing several characters’ concept art, clothing, and bosses for the first time. By completing Hot Summer Gift’s limited-time event missions, captains of Lv. 81 or higher can receive the new art collection as a prize!

Honkai Impact 3rd v6.8 will add new battlesuit, Herrscher of Rebirth and new main story

Honkai Impact 3rd v6.8
Image via HoYoverse

The Herrscher of Rebirth, Seele’s new S-rank battlesuit, will board Hyperion in the updated version.
She fights alongside summoned monsters in her style of combat as a PSY-type Physical DMG dealer. She has two forms, Soul Shaper and Life Binder, which are each focused on providing support or dealing with DMG.

She also serves as a dependable support for the squad in Soul Shaper form because her Ultimate entices adversaries into a certain location and does damage to them while lowering their DEF. When they attack, her teammates will undoubtedly receive Crit. Seele fights with her summoned entity, Flora, while using her scythe in close combat in her Life Binder form.

Honkai Impact 3rd v6.8
Image via HoYoverse

The Sage of the High Tower, who initially appeared as an enemy, is an atypical stigma who gladly kills herself to protect the worlds as the drama of the black and white worlds in Part 1.5 reaches its apex. With her existence, the enigmatic Hare has, as a gamble, paved the way for everyone. Even Susannah, who is frequently neglected, has found bravery and accepted huge obligations. Where will Veliona and Saule’s future go is a new query raised.

In the updated version, Captains can reflect on Saule and Veliona‘s joint adventure throughout the years, as seen through the eyes of Seele as a Herrscher, from the orphanage to the Sea of Quanta, and finally to the worlds of black and white. May all the mysteries be revealed, and may all the tales come to a wonderful end!

The v6.8 update will also bring a limited-time main story event with exciting rewards

The next limited-time main narrative event Chasing Light, Drinking Shadow will add to the thrilling atmosphere in addition to the new battlesuit and new main story in Honkai Impact 3rd. There are three phases to this event. First-time participants in the tournament, captains, are free to advance on either the black or white world.

Additionally, Before the Endless Dream Ends, the first featured event this summer will debut in version 6.8, where the Magic Girls will go on an altogether new journey. The main goal of this event is to defeat opponents and emerge as the final victor by wisely utilizing various cards!

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