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Honor of Heirs announces 2nd Closed Beta test starting this December

Available in the Philippines on 12/14! Experience stunning realistic 3D graphics!

The PVP MMORPG title Honor of Heirs 2nd closed beta test starts on December 12 (Tue) at noon in the Philippines. The game features some tremendous battle styles, classic job change mechanics, realistic 3D design, an extremely high degree of character customization experience that and more. Players can become the hero of the classic Knights of the Round Table legend, show their loyalty and courage, defend the kingdom and let their enemies tremble in fear.

A story linked to the legend of King Arthur

The Holy Grail, which contains the blood of the gods and symbolizes peace between heaven and earth, and gives wisdom to mankind, was overburdened by mankind’s long years of malice and eventually collapsed. The blood of the gods spilled over the earth and contaminated countless people, who became the source of evil in the world and caused all kinds of natural disasters and wars.

Honor of Heirs Legend of King Arthur
Honor of Heirs Legend of King Arthur

When the great Merlin sought the help of the goddess of the lake, the goddess promised that the one who drew the sword in the stone would be able to oppose the blood of gods and save humanity, but until today, no one has succeeded in pulling out the sword.

Honor of Heirs 2nd Closed Beta: Features

Players can take the role of a member of the Knights Order of Camelot City who is raised in war and chaos and determined to pursue the vision of freedom and peace.

Honor of Heirs character customization
Honor of Heirs character customization

The game comes with a variety of classes. Players can snipe the enemies down with a longbow or cut them down with twin swords, good at the high explosive output – Ranger. Meanwhile, Warrior is a balanced attacker and defender with stable damage output. A warrior stands in the front lines and is good at using his sword to defeat enemies or using his sword shield to defend his friends.

Are you excited to witness the legend of King Arthur in Honor of Heirs which is currently in 2nd closed beta? Do let us know in the comments below!

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