Honor of Kings Build Your Camp Event is offering a Heroic skin of Chemist for free

You'll need 4 days to unlock

Honor of Kings recently introduced ‘Build Your Camp’ event as part of High Five Party. This new event will run from April 27th to May 15th and offer players a chance to grab a free Heroic skin for Chemist in HOK. In this article, we’ll discuss how the players can unlock the Heroic skin of Chemist easily and quickly.

How to unlock Chemist’s Heroic Skin ‘Dr Reconsutruction’ for free in Honor of Kings

As the players step into the event page, they’ll see nine different options that they will need to build to unlock this skin. However, there’s a catch, to unlock each of these options, they’ll need Cheer points. These nine options are:

  • Tent
  • Awning
  • Small tent
  • Food Truck
  • Moon Chair
  • Couch Chair
  • Bonfire
  • Balloon
  • Light Ship

Each of these options will cost three Cheer points. That means, a player will require a total of 27 Cheer points to complete the build and unlock the free Heroic skin of Chemist in Honor of Kings.

Honor of Kings build your camp event
Image via Level Infinite

There’s a limit on the amount of Cheer Points a player can earn each day. A total of 8 points can be earned in a single day by doing the following:

  • Complete 1 match: 3 Points
  • Login: 3 Points
  • Add 1 friend: 2 Points

Considering a player is earning 8 points per day, the player would require 4 days to complete the 9 buildings and unlock the free Heroic skin for Chemist. Even if a player does not play any game or add any friends and just does the daily login, that will still let the player unlock this skin. However, in that case, it would take 9 days.

Honor of Kings build your camp event
Image via Level Infinite

Giving away heroes or skins is not something new in Honor of Kings. Previously the players have unlocked Marksman hero Alessio, Mage-Assassin Nakoruru, and Mai for free already! And all of them are placed in a good position in our Honor of Kings tier list.

Are you going to unlock the free heroic skin through this Build You Camp Event in HOK? Let us know in the comments below.

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